Other way of getting a Kris Holm in Canada


Im from Brazil and I want to buy a new Kris Holm 20". A friend of mine who lives in Canada will bring it to me so it doesnt costs like 800 dollars.

Altough, the shipping to Canada is from UDC is US$124. Is there a way of getting a shipment from other stores that you guys now about?

Please, answer, this will be really useful to me.

thank you


or bedfordunicycles.ca

It will cost about the same amount to get a KH from UDC to Canada as it will to get it to Brazil. I would give Canadian Unicycling a shot but right now I don’t think they have any in stock, so your best bet is Bedford, should be quick and reliable.

actually sending a uni to brazil would cost $350. just to send it. and it would take 2 months to get here. the KH in bedford is 60 bucks more expensive than in canadian unicylcle.

I was talking to Brian in canadian unicycle. even though in UDC the KH is $50 cheaper it costs $124 to get to canada.

canadian unicycle still the best choice.

thank you guys.
you really helped

I ordered two unicycles, and a bunch of junk from UDC.us. Cost $50 in shipping. I’m not sure where you are getting those figures, but they sound wrong.

maybe I`m been charged more money because a uni may weight more then a bunch of junk.

We have KH uni’s for sale in Calgary

Send your friend to us:

municycle.ca – Calgary –

I ordered two unicycles + Junk = way more stuff than you.


missed the 2 unicycles part. I thought it was just like parts etc.

my bad.

what Im doing is: simulate a purchase in UDC US. when I proceed to ask for the uni I use my register in the site and put the delivery adress, wich is near quebec. when the site calculates the charge its $119 dollars.

when the shipping is adressed to brazil the charge goes up to $354 or something like this

where`s my mistake?

Maybe you’re clicking express post?
I would contact UDC and ask for help.

Another option is to go through canadianunicycling.com

yeah, thats what Im doing. but I wanted to get the sale in UDC.

How long did your stuff get to arrive to your house?

I did ask for help a couple days ago but they didn`t answer me. tryed again today.

this is what I get in the “SHipping method” part.

I went to the check out, shipping would be $28.26 to Canada.
Phone em up.
Also, ask for USPS shipping to avoid brokerage.