other unicycle forums?

I was wondering, are there any other unicycling forums other than this one?

just wondering,

For New Zealanders we have a forum, at www.unicycle.org.nz


Ah! you traitor! (joking) but really if there is none of them could possibly beat this one :wink:

THE best unicycling forum in Yahoo Groups
Al’s Unicycling Club
use link in my signatrure line

jess has one called busteduni.com I dont think anyone uses it anymore though.

some guy would have asked that same question in a unicycle forum in parrellel universe.

now theres something to think about

who cares?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good anwser:)

good question, but heres one, i got banned and this is my way of getting back (not reallly its just an excuse, I deserved to be banned)


I guess you’re talking about forums in english… but, just in case:

forum in French: http://monocycle.info/forums/
forum in Spanish: http://www.monociclos.com/nuke74/modules.php?name=Forums