Other team members?

There are some “famous” team members but who else is on the bedford team? do they only have a trials team? Apart from Ryan and Jeff? or is Kris the only Narco unicyclist?

I was thinking about this- I’ve heard of the Bedford Factory Team, but are there any other teams out there?

The current Bedford Factory Team riders are:

Ryan Atkins
Jeff Groves
Dan Heaton
Carl Hoyer
Nick Mandrapolis
Zack Mandrapolis
Ben Plotkin-Swing
Joey Cohen

Watch for pictures of the shows these guys are currently doing at the Toronto Street Festival.
One more day to go.

These guys are amazing !!!

Approx. 500 people watch each show.


Kris is the only Norco unicyclist.

No other teams that I know about.


Trials is the main focus of the Bedford Factory

The team does shows at festivals and fairs to promote unicycling as a sport.

We know we have been the reason kids in Bradford
have taken up unicycling after doing the fair there the last few years.

MUni isn’t something you can do or demonstrate at a street festival. We do mention MUni in our shows.

The team will compete in upcoming 24 hour events
as well.


Awesome! That’s a great way to promote the sport, imagine having the a large number of the world’s best riders all on one team!!! It does annoy me that unsuspecting members of the public get to see them in action, but as I dedicated unicycle fan, I don’t! :wink: Will there be a Bedford Team video at any point in the forseeable future?

Yeah cheers thanks for the info.It’s funny unicycle.com does not sponser people.
B.T.W o.w.s has the cheque cashed yet?

On unicycle.uk.com under ‘About Us’, there is a list of of ‘some of their sponsored riders- Simon McAndrew, Leigh Wilkins and Trevor Scofield’

Ben: I would have thought so, I don’t see why it wouldn’t have, so I’ll try my best to send the stuff on monday morning! :slight_smile:

yeah as far as i know they test stuff i think…

These are our indiviual sponsered riders; although we also sponser every member of the UUU in the form of discount on most of our catalogue.

What we do more than sponser riders is sponser events. We help Uni-Meets and also with the BUC, and we recently sponsored the Mountain Mayhem with reduced fees, food and t-shirts.


Oh I forgot, we do normally sponser the UK team when it goes to UNICON, but we got beat this year by Barry Gate’s company.


Yes Unicycle.com do and have sponsered people.
In the past I’ve been part of the unicycle.com (uk) factory team in the mountain mayhem. Thanks for the race shirt and reduced price lights set and bits guys.
In exchange- when I was interviewed by the race commentators I name dropped shamelessly and encoraged everone to vist unicyle.com to buy a unicycle.


Umm… Darren… If I were to go to 24h of adrenaline this summer…is there a way I could hook up with you guys (or another unicyclist team) so that I don’t have to be a “lone rider”?

I still have to check If I’m goin’ though but I’ll try my best to get there… Should be great fun…