Other seats....

I have been thinking about the different seats and brands ad was wondering a few things.

Now I know about how KH seats are the mast comfortable and the strongest and that the Nimbus gel has too much curve and cushioning.

But what about the other brands of seats like nimbus flat, koxx, impact and especially the Qu-Ax and Miyata seats (Miyata because the seats look, in my opinion, amazing).

As a Brit ex-pat living in the US I had to have the Onza Limey seat (Union Jack flag graphic). I find it plenty comfy on my KH Muni which I ride most of the time. So I put the KH seat on my Nimbus road.

On the trails when riding muni I will seldom be riding continuously for more than fifteen minutes at a time giving my butt a break so I find the Onza is overall very comfortable for me.

The KH now on my road Uni seems less comfortable but probably due to the fact that I will often be riding an hour plus between breaks. I’ll get to a point where I need to stop and stretch out. I don’t ride road that often anymore.

The KH breathes better than the vinyl Onza so less sweat accumulation when in the saddle for an extended period.

Some Uni seats are stiffer, others narrower and some lack padding on the frame. Whenever I ride my original Torker I am immediately aware how uncomfortable its saddle is despite a big soft cushion on top.

Riding *ikes many years ago we’d say that you didn’t break in a saddle but the saddle broke you in. Seat time will likely make most saddles more comfortable eventually.



Saddles are a very personal thing. I find most saddles have too much padding so ride the impact Naomi saddle which is the thinest you can get and is the most comfortable for me and others for distance riding. Most cyclists that come to unicycling want a thinner saddle.

I have ridden all the KH saddles and hate the mesh top as find it to grippy and it retains sweat and water. I believe Kris has started to return to the vinyl cover.

Nearly all saddles Share the same base (one of two older nut one or later stronger bolt one) as due to our small market it is cost effective for the companies to colaberate and share costs, so the nimbus and kh are no stronger than each other and all have the same curve but with more or less foam padding in the centre. I run carbon fibre bases with my Naomi foam and cover for a 650g rediculously strong comfortable set up.

There is a new custom flat carbon fibre base made by chaps on here that look promising and is moving away from the historic curved profile

I did my longest ever day’s road riding on a standard Miyata and it was surprisingly comfortable.

However, there are lots of variables. The right seat set at just the wrong angle may be very uncomfortable. The seat interacts with what you’re wearing. The effect of the padding may be affected by other aspects of ride quality such as your tyre profile and pressure.

The more you ride, the less you will worry about it.

I have 4 saddles: 2 Nimbus gel, a Nimbus flat, and a KH freeride.

The two gels are on my 26" nimbus muni and 36" nimbus impulse. The flat is on my nimbus eclipse I use for hockey, and the freeride on the nimbus equinox I use for street/trials/flat. (You can tell I love me some nimbus! :p)

I used to play hockey on the freeride and found it started to get painful quite quckly. Maybe all the weight I put on the saddle caused excessive rub? Now that I use it for tricks and less distance-oriented riding I’m not having issues of discomfort, but I am considering changing it just because of how much easier it is to hold slimmer saddles SIF.

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything different about the nimbus flat. It was noticeably harder when I first got on it but it’s not really caused any pain. I’ve always worn cycle shorts while riding it so I don’t actually know what it’s like without that bit of extra padding…

But here’s the strange part, the 2 gels… I did a 20 mile ride on the 26" last year and after 5 miles I was already in pain (roughly 35-40 mins of riding). However, the gel on my 36" is considerably more comfortable. I’ve not adjusted the angle on it, so I’m sitting on both in the same way but I just don’t even get a sign that the seat is starting to get painful. The vinyl on the 36" gel feels softer so maybe it’s an upgraded version? (The 26" is a 2010 model I think)

Just changing the length of your cranks can change how comfortable a seat feels.

I rode about 8ish miles on my 20" Qu-Ax Luxus a few months with the stock seat and I don’t remember having any saddle which is why I was wondering about the different seats because this seat has almost a good inch of padding. Mabye I just got used to the saddle and learned how to sit comfortably in it.


My Dad just got a qu-ax profi for christmas and I tried out his saddle. It’s extremely comfortable. It feels like it may be smaller than the nimbus and kris holm saddles, but for that reason you’re effectively sitting further back on it and it seems to give a lot more support.

Come back when you are riding 30-100 miles :wink:

I am hitting 40+ miles on long rides and can do 20+ non stop (even then force off for horses, gates etc) and want to do a century this year, when your doing these miles (and some people do far more than me) the friction and comfort at the saddle interface can be an issue.

Some good cycle shorts and a firmer saddle (thinner padding) is my preferred combo, but it is a very personnel thing what is Heaven for one person is Hell for another and vice versa

Why is the look of the Miyata seats amazing? Do you mean you like the styling? They’re OK I suppose.

The Miyata seats didn’t come with a lot of padding and I found them to be uncomfortable, but I like the air seats based on them and still have two of them on my Unis. It has become impossible to find any seat covers for them though.

I have a carbon fiber Miyata seat base that I will probably never use, if anyone is interested. I’ve ridden Miyata’s for years but doubt I’ll get to building this seat. $50USD and it’s yours.

I have a Velo seat on my Surly. It seems okay. But it isn’t quite straight but lopsided a bit from one side to another. Sometimes if I don’t get my left foot placed quite right repeatedly, it’s because the seat needs re-cocked back to the left. Once the seasons change to better riding weather, I’m getting a new seat.