Other MUni tire?

I was wondering what other MUni tires there are for a 24 inch wheel. I know about the Gazz and the Duro, but I want to know if there are any other nice wide tires suitable for MUni. The main reason is that the shops here don’t carry the Duro, and I don’t want to drop the cash for the Gazz. A couple I have seen are made by Specialized and Intense, but I don’t know the name of the tire model.

Currently, I’m riding an IRC 2.3 incher that feels a bit too narrow. I don’t know If I want a full 3.0, but something wider would be nice.

Any help would be appreciated.


Another tyre that i have been using is the Maxxis 2.7" Mobster. I’m planning to try out their 2.7" Minion as well. They are about half the price of a Nokian Gazz, and the performance is on the same level as well.

Maxxis Website