Other ballance activities

I was wondering does anyone do any other high ballance activities, for cross-training purposes and do you think it helps.

I was thinking about ballance boards, balls, etc.

sometimes i lift weights sitting on a huge squishy ball. if anything unicycling helps that more than it helps unicycling.

…i practice slacklining, i love it! you need only two trees or something else…and its also very cheap, i bought my set (industrial) fo 40 EUR…

here a video from me slacklining (after about 4min):

i do tight rope and rola bola ( that cilinder with a wood )

I have a rola bola that I practice now and then and I just got a slackline set. I haven’t tried the slackline set because of all the snow, so I have to wait a few months for that, but I hope it helps.

unicycling on a tightrope :sunglasses:
Slackrope is fun. I’ve tried it a year ago. But it’s hard to get used to.

unicycling on a tightrope is hard?
or its like railing ?

iv’e got a slackline and it helps alot. it takes alot of balance and really helps build up your legs. they are also really cheap. i got mine for $30, i think.
go to http://www.slacklineexpress.com

Unicycling on a tightrope must be very difficult :astonished: :astonished: Especially since all your concentration has to focussed at all times. What is slackrope if you don’t mind me asking??

Watch Turtle’s Youtube video, above to see what slacklining is. I’ve tried it and it’s definitely something I’d like to do more. I find the balance aspect of slacklining to be pretty difficult since the line is moving kind of randomly under you. It’s pretty fun and challenging.

…unicycle on a tight rope isn’t harder then railing on a thin rail…but unicycle on a slackline is pretty hard… i can do only about 2 meters…

I can rola bola. I can sorta slackline, I never got an official one, just a long piece of webbing, but mine is really loose when I do it so it’s pretty hard, but I could do it for a bit.

man… unicycle on a slackline ! this sounds really hard!

flatland bmx

except you’d have to dedicate ALLof your timeforit to be worth it.

I’ve never tried it on a tightrope…Don’t get me wrong, I’m just sharing ideas:D

the slackline cable cord what is it made of

Isn’t slackline just a rope tied between 2 trees?

the slackline is about a 1" wide by about 1/16" thick piece of nylon webbing.

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Sorry, I just had to do it

I started slacklining in the summer last year, just before my exams which was a bad idea. I spent most of the summer in my garden on the line and I took it to the Crawley juggling convention as well. Its great fun although it took me a while to get the hang of. I got my line for free (someone on a slacklining forum gave it to me :)) and I spent about ÂŁ20 or so on carabiners. Definetly worth the investment. I cant wait until summer for the garden to be dry enough.

For those curious this is the only photo I have of me slackin’.

PM if you want more details about slacklining. I’ll happily witter on about it for ages.