Other balancing skills?

Isn’t that strange? For some reason I didn’t consider him moving his head side to side. That’s a pretty amazing trick.


I remember Anthony Gatto back in the early 80’s. He was amazing juggler, I couldn’t believe it. Brings back memorie’s to me.
Some time ago here in Australia, I read about the amazing Steve Bor in a Juggler’s magazine. I still got the magazine. He juggle Six rings and a ball bounce on his head. He done that at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold coast QLD. Don’t ask me the year, I’m still trying to find out, but I think it was in 1989, I’m not sure.
As far as Rudy Horn, I love to see that on video/DVD too as I only saw pictures of it doing it. Nancy Huey was good, tossing up 31 rice bowls onto her head while Idle-riding a 7.5" Giraffe unicycle.


Re: Other balancing skills?

Andrew_carter wrote:
>> Andrew, I will permit myself a bit of vanity and assume you mean my
>> trick and not Rudy Horn’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have any video, but
>> I’ve added a couple of shots of me doing this trick at the
>> Philadelphia Juggling Festival.
> Very nice, thank for the link.> Get To Be The Best 2 and you can see
> Anthony Gatto doing TWO balls
>> on his
> Wow! Did the two balls both go up vertically with one in front of the
> other? By this I mean did he just move his head forwards and
> backwards really quickly?

Side to side, but both vertically, yeah.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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