other balance skills (pt II) :)

a while back there was a thread about other balance skills… rola,
slack, bucket-walking (!!) etc… well, i’ve just had a go at the
ultimate balance, after uni of course… surfing!!!

my niece took me to woolacombe in north devon and we spent the
afternoon battling the waves. it was a totally good time and i enjoyed
it tons. the thing is i didn’t once manage to get on the board (for
any length of time)* and feel like i was in control. much like my
first 1000 or so attempts at uni.

i kinda wondered if anyone lives down my way (i’m in torquay) i’d love
to meet up for a bit of uni, juggling or maybe even surfing… hmm,

*when i say get on the board i meant lie on it… at no point
during the day was i even close to kneeling, let alone standing :slight_smile:

Re: other balance skills (pt II) :slight_smile:

I go to Devon quite often. Were it not for the serious offence caused by the TWO exclamation marks after ‘bucket walking’, I would offer to ride with you. Bucket walking is an ancient and honourable skill, and took me minutes to perfect. Where I come from, all the kids are doing bucket trials, there are regular ‘Mucket’ (mountain bucket) rides in Sherwood Forest, and a team of us are entering the Red Bull 24 hour off road race on milk churns. It makes other balance sports ‘pail’ into insignificance.

Re: other balance skills (pt II) :slight_smile:

hey mikefule… i lived in derby from '89 till october last year. i
fly a kite. and i ride a motorbike :slight_smile:

Re: Re: other balance skills (pt II) :slight_smile:

It’s no good! The damage has been done. Not ONE but TWO exclamation marks. ;0)

I hardly get time to fly my kits these days, and even the motorbike only gets used for work most of the time :0( But that’s because I’m always dancing, unicycling and fencing. :0)

IS ANYBODY ELSE suddenly getting ‘Script Errors’ every time they try to post a reply or use a smiley? Or is it this bloomin’ carp computer again? :0[

Re: Re: Re: other balance skills (pt II) :slight_smile:

Nope… just you… :slight_smile:


Rola Bolas, yeah, kind of boring compared to uni but still good for long rainy winter juggling days and beer parties. Freestanding ladders are fun, hard, and silly. Slackrope is a total rush, get some good rope, one to stand on [AND one to hold onto] and some cardboard or carpet scraps to protect the trees; have at it. It’s kind of dangerous, so don’t sue if you get a boo-boo. carjug

Another balence device is a simple ciecle of wood, 1 cm thick, 40 cm in diameter, with a small wodden ball screwed to the bottem. This does wonders for your balence.


Re: other balance skills (pt II) :slight_smile:

hey carjug… i went with the flow of your slack rope idea, but i
ended up getting into the “tree protection” thing instead… now all
the trees are covered in wilton, axminster and bits of persian rugs.
the garden looks lovely :o)