***OTG trial intermediate+***

who sets next trick?

you I guess :wink:

k i will try to set today :slight_smile:

new trick:

Seat in gapjump 211cm.

_ _ _ lorenz*
_ _ _ markus*
O _ _ Jelle
O _ _ Tom
O _ _ trueuni

mine :smiley: was actually a new record :smiley:

_ _ _ lorenz*
_ _ _ markus*
O _ _ Jelle
O _ _ Tom
O _ _ trueuni

nice jelle :slight_smile:

btw looks like you could do even more like 2m15

I now :), I’m gonna try 220cm today :slight_smile:

I can’t set anything on the 19th cause I’ll be at euc then, so if anyone else wanna set, just do it :wink: :smiley:

you don’t have to set then we will wait because we were planning on taking 1,5 weeks anyways. so is you can set when you come back it will be ok too i guess

i guess no one can land the current trick or set the next because of the snow that is probably present in most countries now.

Maybe we will have to set the next trick in a week or so. Everyone agrees?

it’s ok for me

Sounds good to me. Sorry I haven’t been around lately.

We got almost a meter of snow at my house two weeks ago and I haven’t done any riding since then (but lots of skiing).

i guess the weather is i little bit better by now so jelle if possible you can post next. :slight_smile:

It was kind of because of me the game stopped, but does anyone wants to continue? wheater is getting better so, here’s the next set if anyone wants to play, didn’t mesure but Lorenz was there: 90cm static hop :smiley:

yes it was 90cm.

And btw it was first try so whoehoe gogo jelle :slight_smile:

i got a 90cm sidehop already on youtube already:

if i have the time i will try to upload another vid with a cleaner hop.

Anyone want to start a new game?

I would but I’m pretty busy at the moment, also every time it starts again it dies in a couple of months, maybe you’re better off starting a back it up?

Anyone want to join??
Knoxuni (wes) _ _ _

Hey - I’d be interested in playing again, but the level in this thread got too hard for me. I haven’t ridden any trials since the winter started so it’d take me a while to get back to where I used to be.

What would you think of starting back up in the beginner/intermediate thread instead of here?