OTG the game any style-SUPER BEGINNER-

Out Game consisting of freestyle and any style of unicycle tricks:D
We will start the game when we get up to atleast 7 or 8 people.

Don’t know how I’ll do, but I’ll give it a go :smiley:

Imma do!!!

I’ll join in.

Why don’t you join in the existing thread - a game has just started

the more going on the more there is to do. So why not have two going?

So are we going to start a game or not?

If you start the game, I would like to join!

ya lets start!

how many people do we have that are in?

6 people lets start!

Cool! Do you wanna set something?

I’ll join, if it’s not too late

Has anyone here played this game before? Because I’ve never played this game so I don’t really know how to start it and such. So anyone who has played this game before should start it.

Luke Doman _ _ _

MulgoaMUni _ _ _

NorthWesternMonkey _ _ _ (Landed) (Set)

Unigy _ _ _

Eleanor Rigby _ _ _

mags1 _ _ _

catty3979 _ _ _

kk here’s the first trick so we can get this game started… One foot ride and idle…

How long do we have to post our video of the trick?

a week form today :slight_smile:

Can I join? I doubt I’ll get that (probably not too far away from one footed riding, but one footed idling is another matter), but it seems a tad more feasible for me than the tricks on the other thread.

Here it is:

I just realised that I did 4 times of idling. So I hope it’s okay… :wink:
And sorry for the bad light.

Luke Doman _ _ _

MulgoaMUni _ _ _

NorthWesternMonkey* _ _ _ (Landed) (Set)

Unigy _ _ _

Eleanor Rigby _ _ _ (landed)

mags1 _ _ _

catty3979 _ _ _

aracer _ _ _

perfect…and good to have you join aracer