OTG Switch/Blind (Trials)

I’ll start things off really easy. 35cm sif switch AND blind hop.

sweet i’ll try and back it up today if i got time

I’m in :smiley:

I’m IN!!!

Nice! This should be good when it gets started…

anyone feel free to back this up before me,hopefully tomorrowi can,last 2 days i had no time then it got dark

Isn’t it an out the game? :slight_smile:

at 2:25
ShafferJN*_ _ (set)
_ _
jelle_ _ (landed)
_ _

here is mine

ShafferJN*_ _ (set)
_ _
jelle_ _ (landed)
_ _
jelle G _ _ _ (landed)

oh right haha so whens the cut off date?

Oh yeah… :smiley: Lets say March 20th…?

lol no it should be that we give a week for each trick/set i’ll do mine soon hha

Ok sounds good.

Is anyone going to do it? I’ll leave the date at the 20th…

lol completely forgot about this, i’ll go and film it right now

Awesome. :smiley:

ok youtube finally let me upload it

i think after march 20th the cut off date should be 7days from when the trick is set

Yes! Were back!

now we just wait for Jelle G to set

I think this would work better out as a Back it up… What’s your opinion on that?

either way I’m in!

here is the new trick

switch/blind crankgrab on 45 cm

ShafferJN*_ _ _
Padst3r_ _ _
jelle_ _ _
UniPsycho O _ _
jelle G* _ _ _ (set)

Is the list correct?