OTG Flat-Beginner/Intermediate

I know there’s allredy a beginner/intermediate OTG but i couldn’t
join beacuse i was at vacation when that thread came up :frowning:

This is the level at wrapwalks and and stuff like that.
I’ll post a vid soon…

The timelimit to upload is 7 days.

Just wait until the round is over and then join the existing OTG flat beginner/intermediate game. It’s probably only going to go another couple of weeks anyway. It makes no sense to have two identical games going on at the same time.

You still have until the end of the day tomorrow to get in on the OTG trials beginner/intermediate game if you want.

Well, I wouldn’t have started a new thread, but now that it’s here…

I’ll play.

yup, but it’s winter in Sweden now so i dont have any pallets to jump on for the moment…

I guess i could wait a few weeks…

Maybe we could make this into a back it up instead.

There’s already one of those too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like there’s two, didn’t know about this one: