[OT] set of 5 red PX3 PM juggling clubs.

Title pretty much says it. I got these on a whim when PX3 was just released and they were my first set of clubs. After trying a few different sets I’ve come to realize that these are not my favorite so I’m selling them to try and make some extra cash for a new set.

These clubs are all red including the handle and incredibly durable. They’re in pretty much new condition. A few dirt scuffs here and there, but nothing that won’t wipe off. I added a piece of white tape to the body of the club because it was difficult to tell the body from the handle on high throws and fast spins. http://www.jugglingstore.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=448 there’s the link to them new so you can see what the look like and the dimensions.

I’m asking $15 per club for this set plus shipping. However if you buy all 5 I’ll knock the price down to $60 plus shipping. I’m looking for a set of 6 85mm renegade clubs in equally as good condition, so if you have some you no longer need or want let me know and maybe we can work out a trade. Also, if you have any other props that you are looking to trade feel free to let me know, I’m open to any and all offers.

I’ll post pictures of them later on tonight. I prefer to deal in the US but again, I’m open to offers.

Thanks a lot,

Blah Blah, unicycle forum not juggling forum, Blah Blah.

Anyway, those just happen to be the exact kind of clubs that I use. I also have two other people in my juggling/unicycling club who use them. Needless to say, I am very interested in them and, thank you for posting them here. I’ll talk to a couple people and see if I can find a taker for them. I’ll PM you when I find out.


I didn’t get your last message. I just got a duplicate of the prior message. Sorry for posting here in the ad, I just figured there might be a problem with the PM system.

If you want to just email your paypal info to me directly, my email is hydrophidian at G mail dot com.

I’ll get the money to your paypal tomorrow. Looking forward to getting some new clubs.


Okay, I got that last one. Thanks.


Ok cool. Sorry about the duplicate message, I accidentailly deleted the part of the message I had just typed as apposed to the quoted part that appeared automatically. I look forward to getting the money and I’ll do my best to ship the clubs out the first week day after I get the money.


Check your paypal. Sending it now.

money received. I’ll ship them out tomorrow morning and send you an email with the tracking number. Thanks


Thanks hydrophidian I hope you enjoy them.

Got them today. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch.