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Went to the international Toy Fair the other day, and like last year, got to try out some new cool “skill toys” (last year I reviewed the Uniquo). This year there was something which had really caught my eye.

What I am talking about is a relatively new type of stilt. You may have seen them on TV. They are a cross breed of stilts and a pogo stick. I have looked into buying these before, but until now, the asking price was up near $700-$1500. There is now a Korean company which is selling them quite a bit cheaper. I picked my pair up for only $250, but that was because the exhibitor just wanted to get rid of the stilts so he didnt have to take them back with him. They are expected to retail for anywhere from $350-$395. If you are interested in a cool new “toy” I would highly recommend picking up a set of these “Powerisers.”

-David Kaplan

Wow! Just the other day I was driving home from work and thinking about something almost exactly like that. My thinking was applying the technology they use for prothetic legs for runners, and making stilts like that.

The price seems a little high, but some of those pieces look very custom.


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NO NO NO. this is not happening. just because you uni doesn’t mean you can
have ALL the fun… i don’t live in the arsehole of the world, but you can
see it from here. you went to a “Toy Fair” and bought an actual “Toy?” you
make me so jealous. i live to have toys. i never even knew there was such a
thing as a “Toy Fair”. jeesh. but then; I don’t need a haircut. :slight_smile:

very quool toy.


Sorry to go off topic here, but are you still interested in preforming/ comming down to pittsburgh on March 22 for the Juggling/ unicycling Festival?

If so let me know and I’ll work out the details with everything.


BTW thoes Stilts ROCK if your comming to pitt Bring them :wink:


They were mentioned a while back in the Just Conversation forum when talking about pogo sticks. There are videos of people on them here


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> Sorry to go off topic here

what; are we having an off topic competition now? you can’t get more OT
than OT. you’re OT on an OT thread. NOOOO!! now you’re just messing with my