OT(ish): Those Soreen Go! bars

After the Three Peaks weekend I scrounged a box of those little gooey soreen cereal bars from Steve Colligan. They sat in a cupboard unloved and uneaten for a while because I had not yet realised their true genius, but now I am a convert; almost to the point where I’ve hardly eaten any proper full-sized malt loaf for ages because these things are so ace. They kept me going all weekend through the madness of moving house a few weeks ago, and I’ve just come back from Spain when they were absolutely invaluable as emergency help-I’m-not-going-to-make-it-up-this-next-mountain snacks.

But now they’ve all gone, and I can’t find any more. Where do they come from, when they’re not supplied directly by those nice chaps at Soreen? Nobody seems to sell them, and the lack of uncrushable gooey munchy goodness is becoming a worry…


Apparently Tesco’s sell them - although I’ve never actually see them.


There were still a few boxes left at the manchester tournament on saturday

My local Sainsburys in Holborn sells them.

For the money though I tend to go for the full size Malt Loaf as you get much more gooey goodness for your cash.


I’d better hide my last box from the kids…

Alternatively you could try this instead, possibly for SSMM breakfast:

Pan-fried Bacon and Malt Loaf Stacks

This recipe is inspired by the Scottish tradition of frying slices of Christmas pudding and serving it with crisp rashers of bacon. The result is in an unexpected and delightful combination of chewy sweet bread and salty crisp bacon. Serve this breakfast dish with fresh or slow-roasted cherry tomatoes.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes

Full recipe:


Why not try making your own ? I’m sure a man of your calories could manage to search on t’interweb for a recipe. I make a (in my humble opinion) fantastic bara brith and often adapt the recipe to include whatever delectible dried fruits, nuts and seeds happen to fall out of my cupboards - sun dried bananas are particularly good :wink: . Go on, get baking ! You know it makes sense.


Have you tried those then Keith? It sounds pretty tasty in a weird sort of way.

I got some Christmas Soreen today, haven’t tried it yet but it looks nice.

Re: OT(ish): Those Soreen Go! bars

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006 07:03:08 -0600, phil wrote:
> But now they’ve all gone, and I can’t find any more. Where do they
> come from, when they’re not supplied directly by those nice chaps
> at Soreen?

According to Soreen’s website, Tesco Express (but not normal Tesco)
and Co-op are the only supermarkets who stock them, though they might
be available at any independent who gets them from the cash&carry
(so you might be able to persuade your local shop to get some in).

You can also get them from www.expats-shoppingarcade.co.uk, but
they seem a bit expensive. I don’t know how much they cost
normally, though.

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we have the fried ‘christmas pudding’ ever year. we call it dumpling but i think its the same thing. makes a great fry up. V tasty:)

Have you seen these?
Two slices of Soreen with butter in between.
They are very gooey, but nice.
50p a pop.