OT: Eagle Scouts!!

Me… JonnyD… and another fellow friend and unicyclist (doesn’t have the flame inside, sadly) are getting our eagle scouts awarded to us this Saturday. I am so exited :slight_smile: (that smiley was for you Phil)
I got some pictures taken today, but I don’t want to scan them, and they are going to email them to me tomorrow. so I’ll post em then!! I know you are all exited.
If you live in Utah, or want to come in from out of state. (Phil, John Foss, Kris Holm… that’s you) it will be this saturday March 1, 2003 at 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, at an LDS church at 12820 S and 1300 E. SO… if you want to come, you are welcome, and may I say… refreshments!!
-Jonathan Ware-

If there will be unicycle cookies, I’ll come!

(wish I could)


Welcome to the club.

I never had the ceremony but I did all the other stuff. You should really think about canning the offical presentation and fly out to Toronto and have some fun at the TOque games.


I got my Eagle two years ago, Troop 130, Honolulu, Hawaii Kapiolani District. It’s always great to hear from other scouts.

If you ever make it out to Hawaii, send an email. There’s a great Boy Scout camp I’ve been meaning to MUni.


Rank of Eagle

Way to go!!!

I had my ceremony about nine months ago. You getting any palms?

Utah, eh? Isn’t EVERY boy under the age of 18 a scout? I’ve heard it’s kinda the Mormon church’s “youth group” of sorts.

If you’re gonna be at the 2005 National Jamboree @ Fort A.P. Hill Virginia you’ll find me on the Western Region’s Action Center “C” Bikathlon staff. I’ll have my uni there too!!! :smiley: I was on the Bikathlon staff @ the 2001 Jambo. My brother and I did crowd entertaining during the closing arena show. Another scout had his unicycle with him and was part of the act as well.

Daino–you been to the Boy Scout camp on the west side of Maui? I stopped by there once and it looked kinda drab… Where’s the camp you want to go MUni at? If I’m on the islands again any time soon I’ll have to hook up with ya for a ride.

I haven’t been to the camp on maui. The camp I’m talking about is on Oahu. It’s called Pupukea. If you come be sure to drop me a line.

Did you get any palms? I never did. In fact I turned my Eagle forms two day before my 18th b-day. I also didn’t get OA, did any of you?


I’m in the same boat as you Daino I turned in my paperwork the day before my 18th birthday, I had enough merit badges to get a silver palm but you have do stuff for a few months to get them offically. I did very limited OA stuff but I did get my sash and bars for being a brother.

The badges and ranks were never my thing though, I just really like camping. But having the Eagle Scout on the Resume sure looks good.


bagpiperboy, i’m there. i will try to get all of the other homies to come along too. now that more people can drive, you could have quite the unicyling group there. by any chance, could i have my court of honour with you? i need to have mine, all i have to do is get my badges from the scout office. but! count me in, and jay, and jeff, i’m sure at least we will all be there!

matthew Swan

Yes yes, it’s all going down on Saturday.

True, the LDS (Mormon) Church is affiliated with the scouting progam, i.e. everybody is a scout, but not everyone gets the Eagle.

Just for your pesonal edification.

Man, I was there! That sure was fun.

I am in the brotherhood. WWW

4 merit badges for eagle! (goes an gives another helpless attempt at finishing last 4 merit badges)


cookies… you bet!! no matt, you can’t have it with us, there are already 3… I’m sorry, sniffle. yeah, well, just checking in, have to go
-Jonathan Ware-

the pictures haven’t been emailed to me yet!! aggrivating I know

Re: OT: Eagle Scouts!!

bagpiperboy wrote:

> Me… JonnyD… and another fellow friend and unicyclist (doesn’t
> have the flame inside, sadly) are getting our eagle scouts awarded to us
> this Saturday. I am so exited :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I am a Scoutmaster of a troop near Sacramento. We have a
unicycle group in our troop (Troop 121 Unicycle Brigade, Troopizi Unicycle
Hockey Club) which we started when my son Woody joined the troop. He
brought his unicycle to his first Camporee and several guys in the troop
started to learn to ride that weekend. We ride in parades, play hockey,
sumo, unicycle orienteering, Muni, etc. 9 guys from the Unicycle Brigade
have made Eagle, including Woody . There are a couple unicycle pictures
somewhere on our troop web site: http://www.troop121.com/ I know there
is one from our first parade at :
http://www.troop121.com/pix/cain/cain02.html That’s me on the left

> If you live in Utah, or want to come in from out of state.
> (Phil, John Foss, Kris Holm… that’s you)

John Foss has ridden in parades with us regularly, and he has gone on many
Muni rides with us as well. Beau Hoover is an honorary member of our group
and we have ridden with Nathan and Beau several times. Several of the guys
participated in Unicon 11 last year where they all met and rode with Kris
Holm and Dan Heaton and were very pleased.

Congratulations to you. And, if you are ever in Northern California you’ll
have to take a ride with our troop.

John Hooten

umm, sorry i wasnt’ there dude. at about noon-ish in a display of my stupidity and with a shower of plastic shards my car became street-illegal. terribly sorry dude, if it means anything it cost me $2000 to miss it!