OT: Any Tandem Mountain Bikers??

We are in the market for a tandem mountain bike, so I’m wondering if there are any like minded folks on the forum who have some experience with picking a tandem.

We have narrowed it down to the Fandango and De Vinci, Ventana if we go fully suspended, maybe a De Vinci FS if we really “must have” the ability to pedal independently.

We are going to ride it mostly on greenways and double track, “possibly some very easy single track” :roll_eyes:

So, what say ye?

At our lbs we have a ventana and we have messed with it. It rides well for what it is

IMO, the best tandem you could get would be two Oracles…

Waltworks 36er.

If I were in the market for a mountain bike tandem, I would seriously look at Cannondale. IMHO, they have the best configuration for mountain bike tandems. Cannondale is just a tried and true brand.

Disclaimer: We have one up for sale on Craigslist in the San Diego area. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/bik/3980431450.html

I know that you don’t live in my area, so I’m not trying to sell it to you. I’m just showing you what one looks like. If I were to use this one solely as a mountain bike, I would change out the tires. We used this primarily on the road. Good luck! They are a lot of fun.


What size and configuration?

Is it new or used?

Send me a PM if they can make me a good deal.

It’s new full suspension. Not sure on size, I fit on it. It’s at the shop I’ll ask tomarrow

I saw two guys riding a tandem mountain bike once. You know you’ve done something when you get someone riding a muni to stop and give pause.

It happens every once in a while.

I remember passing a guy that was in rollerblades and using ski poles to push himself around on one of our paved trails. I know he’s just getting ready for ski season, but it looked rediculous nonetheless. We exchanged glances, and kept going our seperate ways.

Can’t say I’ve ever even seen a tandem mountain bike…

We have timed cranks on our tandem, and haven’t had any problems. If you are really going to be sticking to greenways, and moderately flat trails the independent pedaling may be fine, but I have my doubts for anything more. I have ridden tandems with the cranks out of phase, and it is terrible. Especially when you have to do any sort of climbing. As long as the stoker spends more time idling than pedaling it may work out; otherwise, I would save a few bucks and get a more traditional setup. Of course I would guess that independent pedaling could have saved a lot of marriages.

Ding, ding, ding! We got a winner :smiley:

Karen and I used to paddle tandem kayaks, some flatwater, mostly whitewater up to class IV rocky stuff. I have pinned us sideways a number of times, made her cry a few times, she even walked a set of rapids once cuz she got nauseus :o

When we did longer trips, esp if we had some flats where I didn’t need help paddling, she had a paddle holder on the side of the boat so she could stow the paddle and just chill.

The out of phase pedaling is interesting, I think we’re going to head down to Atlanta and try the De Vinci and a standard phased tandem to see which we like best.

In all honesty, I’ll be the primary engine, she’ll kick in when I need some extra, probably on hills, but I really don’t see climbing while standing so the out of phase pedaling might not be an issue.

I do think that she would get more enjoyment from the ability to coast and pedal independent of me.