Oswald the Octopus

Today as i was waching an episode of Nick Jr.'s “Oswald”(yes i do watch little kid shows, but what can you do wen that is the only cartoon on and ive wtched all my Uni vids a zillion times nd its 30° outside) and in the episode oswald losses his ball of yarn and it rolls through the town. Wel his rind daisy(a daisy flower that is quite rambunctious from time to time) gets some yarn stuck in her axle/hub area and as she idle she remarks on how odd it feels(not noticing the yarn). Well the yarn is finally caught but as Oswald goes back through the town everyone has found great us for the yarn(making hammocks badmitten nets and so forth) until he goes back to daisy, which has made a tightrope and s riding back and forth quite skillful and then idles and goes ito a glide as she stands ne footed on her frame and then doesa bckflip fom a handstand and lands into an idle.(quite imperssive) All of this(next to the backflip thng) was incredibly realistic. The idling was very natural along with the way daisy rode the Uni. I give kudos to the art animator.

Just thought youd like to know of another Uni’eer on TV.


P.S. They daisy segment was longer than all the others and it was quite obvious that the directors liked the Uni.

Re: Oswald the Octopus

Go riding!

like i said it was 30° outside and i dont wanna get sick.

it’s been 30 here for a month and I ride at least twice a week, nothing wrong with it.

Weeeeeeeeeee. Another Uni saved th day when Oswald was making a giant birthday cake in his bath tub and he couldnt mix it all together. Then just by “coicidence” Daisy stopped by with the party hats riding her red Uni. Owsald quickly borrowed it and rode it through the muck of cake mix. I thing the producers or someone who does art in this knows of mud muni and about riding uni’s. Another amazing story from Nick Jr. TV


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