Ostern ( Freestyle Video )


New video of Bedia Satir, riding her freestyle unicycle :slight_smile: .
watch it in 1080p :slight_smile: .


Vimeo: watch in HD :wink:


Adrien Delecroix

Very nicely filmed and edited :slight_smile: And I enjoyed the riding as well!

I really liked the filming in this one! :slight_smile:

Hehe thank you very much :slight_smile: .

Very well filmed and edited! Good freestyle to :slight_smile:

Very nice filming and editing, sweet music. How did you achieve that colour grading? Is it a standard preset, or plug-in preset? And what program are you using?

Hello, thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

For the Colour grading : there are no standard preset or plugin preset.
The software I used is Adobe Premiere Elements :slight_smile:


nicest freestyle vid i’ve seen, everithing was right (bad inglisch:o)

But how does the colour look so bright and yellow, was it just the white balance on the camera?

Very nice film work and she is a mighty fine rider.

It was only the white balance on the camera :slight_smile: .

That looks very similar to my freestyle ride. I’ve got the same rim and kind of frame build. Only, I have the 400mm long neck, she probably just has the 250mm version (I’m kinda tall).

I think she’s got the Kenda Kikzumbut tyre, at least it has the same pattern. I replaced mine with a “primo the wall”, which can take more air pressure.

And I use 75mm Nimbus Venture cranks, I think she stuck with 100 or 90mm.

Sad to say, I cannot ride like that. I’m very impressed. I don’t even have a regular wheel walk nailed down. My personal record is 7 steps on the wheel. I did this several times, it seems to be some kind of barrier for me.

So I’m working on in-betweenish things like doing just 3 steps and getting back on the pedals.