Oslo Enhjulssykkelrunde (Unicycle Tour of Oslo) 2022

On the off chance there are some Norway-based unicyclists here (some “lurkers”?) who are not also part of the Facebook or Strava Norwegian unicycle groups (or perhaps just some unicyclists who happen to be around the Oslo area in 2 weeks) just a heads up. @UniMyra is trying to arrange a little cycle tour around Oslo.

We will meet up at the Opera house at 10AM on the 11th of June and cycle along the sea towards Bygdøy and up to the Monolith in Frogner/ Vigelands park. For those on smaller unis who don’t want to go the entire way, they can break off here (about 7km).

After a break the rest of us on bigger unicycles (e.g. 29″/36″) will continue cycling through the the park, up Kirkeveien to Akerselva. Down Akerselva to Grønland (will probably make some stops along Akerselva). Then on to Grønland is about 15km. It is possible to stop here if you think it is far enough. Further up at Kværner and Valhallveien and up to Ekeberg. We will certainly stop on the corner overlooking the city for a photo op. Further up to Ekeberg park with a stop at the ‘engletrappa’. Then down the Bekkelagsveien to Mosseveien through the Middelalderparken and to Munch Brygge. The entire route is about 25 km.

@UniMyra and I did a test ride of the route yesterday and stopped at Villa Paradiso for beer and pizza, and yes we can do that after the round itself as well. :wink:

(If you plan on doing that, remember to bring a lock or two!)

Facebook page for the event:

Or Strava:



If there is someone who might be able to join but doesn’t have a big unicycle and wants to borrow one, contact me and I will lend you a 36er. However if you have never ridden a unicycle that size, you should do it soon so you have some time to practise. Oh and it has no brakes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A picture of @UniMyra and I in front of “Monolitten” (The Monolith) in Frogner park, from our trial run of the route yesterday


From an alternative picture we took. Two unicycles or a penny farthing? :thinking:


If you could do the same event just a little before or after unicon, I could be there!

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:wink: Ha… We will have to keep that in mind. Certainly if you are ever in this part of the world I would love to ride with you. :+1:


I told Mrs Impossible that there was a Uni tour of Oslo coming up, and she said: “When? We should go! Let’s go!”

She was pretty disappointed to hear that it wasn’t necessarily an international destination event. She has a lot of fond memories from the 2 years she lived in Oslo. I visited a few times, we went mountain biking, hiking, XC skiing. No unicycle… yet.

It will be if you’re coming :smiley:

21 riders, age 10-68 participated


There are a bunch more great pictures on Facebook. Even if you do not have a Facebook account (I do not) they can still can be found here.


Also, here is an interesting snippet translated from one of Facebook posts discussing the event…

Hrafn Mar Sveinsson: [From] a little show of hands among the 21 attendees: 1/3 cycled without a brake, 1/3 cycled a 36", 1/3 on 29", 2 on 24" and one without helmet.

Jan-Erik Skogmo: One cycled a 36" without a helmet, without a brake, and without any kind of safety equipment. :smile:

Ha… what idiot did that!? … :flushed:

P.S. Yes those, 1/3s do not add up but that is because these were actually were reponses to multiple different questions. :thinking:


On and thanks again @UniMyra for arranging this. I don’t think it could have been a bigger success!

[ … Well maybe I could have done without that little downpour right at the end of the day but I suppose you can’t control the weather. :crazy_face: ]


All of you are very fortunate that you have a nice group of people to ride with. Best wishes to your group and best wishes for many more rides together.


It’s not exactly related to this tour, but I am currently in Sweden (Östhamar) and I am planning a tour to Oslo during my next break (in 2 weeks). It would be a 620 kms ride that I would do on 8 days, sleeping in hamac when no other option is available. And I wanted to know if any locals would have advices, or would like to do a part of the travel with me (or make me discover Oslo on a uni).
I am not sure of doing it, but it might be better to ask early and not doing it in the end than asking too late.

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I will be the US from late next week myself, otherwise I would have put you up and gladly cycled with you. Perhaps @UniMyra could relay this message to the Norwegian unicyclists group.

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I also re-posted this for you as a message on the Scandinavian unicycle group on Strava. We only have 23 members there though, while the Facebook group is now 217!

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Actually if you have a Facebook (most people do but I do not), you might be able to post there yourself @Aurelien


Or… just wait and I am sure @UniMyra will relay the message (or I have also pinged a few of the others on Strava now as well :wink: )

EDIT: It is now on the Norwegian Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/373280962867581/posts/1856088467920149/

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After a bit of thinking, I might start from Oslo, this way when I will arrive, I will be at home and I should be able to just think about resting, and if for any reason I end up being late it would be way easier to find a way to get back home.
But I am still not sure that I will do it, because I have to get a medical certificate for unicon, and if I cannot get an apointment at another moment than in the middle of these weeks, I won’t have time.
Except if you or another Oslo’s unicyclist knows or is a doctor and could get me an apointment. But that is definitly not my favourite solution.
But if I go I would left in Oslo around July 1st .
And don’t worry, for long rides I don’t go that fast (up to 18-19 kph mean).

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Nice, thanks for recording and editing this. Fun to see! :+1:

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This must have been a really nice tour. Thank you for the video. Nice to see all the places I’ve been to in Oslo crowded with unicyclists.

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