OrIgIns Vid

Hey !

Take a look at this vid, it’s from my friend, he has been riding for only one month and he’s really good !

Youtube link

Comments are appreciated !


That was amazing for one month of riding.

He is way to good for his uni

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking!

Seems like he’d wear out a uni like that in a day or two.

Yeah, he will soon get his KH, as soon as he gets his father’s OK. :roll_eyes:

It’s not to bad, he’s not already in drops and big street…and he has awesome roll out anyway.

The 360 unispin was crazy ! He practiced it for like 15 min. and got it ! I was so mad !!!


yeah i am totaly jelious of him for only 1 month of riding. i have to start getting off my ass and try more street stuff.

I find it hard to believe that his uni isn’t busted, especially if he is doing drops and big street.

I also find it hard to believe that he has only been riding for 1 month. He is as good as me and I have been riding since last summer.

He must just have a natural talent or something.

No no ! Sorry for the misunderstanding…he is NOT doing drops and big street…but yeah he has a natural talent in every sports. He could learn to rollerblade (it’s the only example of sport I found that he’s not already practicing) in a couple of days…


That shouldn’t be allowed!!
Or, it should be allowed for everyone…eh. It’s just because he’s French.

Seriously, people like that are annoying. :slight_smile:

It was years before I was able to unispin. I think after a month of riding I might have been able to freemount and turn to the left and right a little…

OHHHH sry lol

still its very impressive how fast he learned

man he is good… I saw you at the Ottawa Uni Invasion. you are very good… i thought it was quite a bit of fun.

Thank you ! You were good too, if I remember well, you won in two categories, right ? Congrats mate ! It was really fun to meet you all there !

Hope to see you there next year (or next event) !


I hope I can do that in 3 weeks :smiley: I started unicycling last Thursday and now I can ride, turn and freemount :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll do my best ^^

That’s truly amazing for 4 weeks of riding, having NEVER ridden before that! I find it pretty hard to believe that you’ve learned soooo much in such a short time!