original coker seat?

I was looking at cokers and i was starting to wonder, how the original coker seat feels? how far can you go with it before it starts to hurt?
and if you need to get a new seat, should you go directly to the kh air saddle or maybe to the kh fusion seat?
what seat do you like the best for cokering?
I dont plan on going really far like gizmoduck, but I might may out at about 20 miles, once a year

those are visount seats. While are certainly not ‘horribly uncomfortable’ you can only get about 30 mins out of it before it really starts to suck. (they are also missing the fantastic KH handle that allows you to reef up on it to control yourself during long step descents

it’s fine until ride misery makes you upgrade, as a saddle is a realtively cheap thing to buy that brings so much happiness.

you might not need it, but when you decide you do need it, you’ll still have that extra viscount seat lying around, just in case

I bought mine about three years ago and it came with a Viscount seat.

I may be the only person alive who finds the Viscount deat reasonably comfortable. It’s good for 45 - 60 minutes before the first stop.

However, it is very heavy (a heavy metal base - I think it’s depleted uranium or something) and badly put together, so that the little screws holdin gth ebumpers on fall out and then the bumpers fall off.

Also, if you need to fit a handle, it’s a major job. I burned out two drill bits trying to drill teh seat base.

If you buy the Radial 360 instead it comes with a gel seat already and a really smooth ridin tire

does anybody have a review of it though?
hows the quelity compared to a real coker?

Frame uses 1"seatpost vs 7/8 on the coker and so far anyone who has ridden the radial seems to like tire ride better. do a search and you can find many comments about the radial
Plus the radial tire last alot longer

i did a search but came up with nothing about coker vs radial or a radial review…

far barley does gizmo duck justice i hike the new england part of the apps in a month which is about as far as he went in a day