Oregon Unicyclists?

Are there any Oregon unicyclists in the Portland area?



so is this mostly a non-USA community?

Umm… check Jagur’s location. I guess you can call him a unicyclist. More of a unicycle builder and seller.:wink:
I’m originally from Oregon, an plan on settling there someday. There’s also a unicyclists who goes by Muddycycle. I think he’s from Oregon. Try typing in Oregon into the search box. I’d do it but I’m in a hurry.

P.S. There’s plenty of unicyclists in Washington. Close, but no cigar (or marijuana, if you’re from Oregon.) :wink:

my buddy muddy is in Corvallis, 45 minutes away.

corvalis has a pretty active uni club. um, eugene has one with the university, and outside of that i have no idea.

ticklemevaughn is in Portland.

I’m from Seattle but am riding on a wet Oregon Coast today.

Oh yea, wasn’t fatguy from Portland? I don’t think he follows RSU anymore.:wink:

I live in Mcminnville, Oregon, about 45-60 from portland and 20-30 from seatle

bet you mean Salem.

My son and riding buddy is moving to portland next week. Do you know of any good places to ride near Portland (OR)?

Speaking of Oregon riders.

I’m gonna be in Ashland, Oregon from Monday night to Friday morning of this coming week, if anyone is in the area, and wants to ride for a couple hours or so one day, PM, or Email me ASAP so I can plan on bringing a ride with me.

There’s good riding around Hood River and Mt. Hood. The Gorge Freeride Association is active around there. You can pick up their trail maps at the bike shops they list on their web page.

I have ridden some of the Post Canyon trails in Hood River. Fun stuff. There’s some small stunts and big stunts, stunts that are bigger than I’m willing to do. Fun riding. I’m going to have to back down there again.

There’s some info on the Post Canyon trails at MTBR.
There’s some pictures of the Post Canyon stuff here.
Fun Fun Fun. I finished the day there with a bruised hip from a slideout on a dusty downhill section.

There’s other trail guide books too for trails and rides in the Portland and Hood River area. Your riding buddy will be able to find some good places to ride.