Oregon MUni Mary's Peak Saturday August 12, 2006

We’re putting together an Oregon MUni ride for August 12.

So far JC, Jagur, Dudly Do Ride, Scott Arnold and I are interested in doing Mary’s Peak near Corvalis. MTBR North Ridge, MTBR East Ridge.

It will be an AM launch to try and get a head start on the day’s heat. Still working out details on routes, shuttles, etc.

Let us know if you’re interested.

If you have any legs left there’s always the Portland Bridge Pedal Coker ride the next day on August 13. Unfortunatly I can only do the MUni.

At this point we plan on meeting at Conners Camp/Lower East Ridge Trail Head. Shuttling to the top to ride down the North Ridge, shuttling around and back to the top to ride down the East ridge and possibly portions of the connector trail. Probably a 7-10 mile day, mostly downhill. Hope all the negative gravity Karma doesn’t catch up with us.


I’ll bump this again in August as the final plans come together.

Send me a PM or reply to this thread if you’re interested in joining.

I’m moving to Eugene August 3rd or so, so maybe count me in. (kind of depends how the job search is going) I’d like to meet all you local types.

as far as i know, the only Corvallis local (Muddycycle) wont even be there due to another trip planned already.

so basicly what we have is a mini muni week-end in Tom’s town without Tom…!

i still dont know if im in yet, the future is clouded.

Awe snap, I used to live in Eugene, then I moved bak to Iowa. I neeeeed to go back and visit. I used to go to Mary’s peak somewhat often, but I didn’t Muni back then.

August Bump.

We’ve pencilled in a 9:00 meet time at the lower trailhead for the first shuttle.

Now just confirming the final head count.

Monday Bump.

Looks like we have six riders and the shuttle driver confirmed.

Meeting at 9:00 at the lower trial head of the East Ridge Trail.

I whish I had spoken with Jag sooner, or seen this thread sooner. Otherwise I’d be there. But maybe there is still a chance.

Looks like Jag has a conflict. Last year I bailed on him. Seems the only way we ever ride together is if I’m buying something or doing a pub crawl.

The current riders are JC and me from Washington, three Eugene guys, and Seager who just moved to the area.

…heres my scoop…if it happens for me at all…im going to need a ride to Corvallis in the morning and a ride back to So-Lame after…at this point i cant promise a couch but i have a long drive-way.

DDR (Gene) is trying to close his house so he is totaly out…( there goes my transport)

also, the only working uni i have is a 29er so i would either be way out in front or long off the back…ive never ridin the trail thats planned so i have no idea.

If the trail is too much for a 29er I still have that 26" Muni you sold me a few years ago. I can pack it just in case.

Getting back to So-Lame after is not a problem as I’m heading for T-Mook after the ride. JC and I are probably going to stay in Corvallis Friday nite, may be time to move that to Salem.

I’m leaving for Eugene this afternoon, then to T-Mook by Friday, I should have evening internet access. Send JC and me a PM if it is looking like you can make it.

So are you both going to motel it in Salem Friday night?

We’re staying in Corvallis. Check your PMs.

have a great ride guys…i wish i could spend the night in Corvallis Friday but thats just not an option…oh well…let me know if anyone comes through Salem for a beer.