Oregon Muni at "The Hulk"

New video guys. This trail kicked my butt…bleeding, bruising, cramps, trouble breathing all occured! It revealed my weaknesses very quickly…long steep drops and long steep climbs. Didn’t get any footage of several epic crashes but I got a few clips after I rode a few laps.

Love it!!!

Wow!! You were putting it too the 2 wheelers are the start.

2 hops and you would have made it over that carpet climb. I’d love to make a run at that.

Thanks for the comments guys! Looking forward to the race here in a few weeks, going to be a challenge.

Pretty cool . I need to try that trail one day. Since I live less than 1 mile from there.

JT is the MAN!

James Turner is not human. He is an amazing athlete and makes MUni look easy to the uninitiated. I, on the other hand, make it look as difficult as it truly is.

What the heck ever Jim, haha. For all of my effort, I’m average at best. If your legs were about 20 years younger there’s no way I could keep up with you. Can’t wait to see some experts at NAUCC!

Less than a mile! You’re lucky, I’d be out there everyday practicing those drops and climbs. Wilmington is sooo flat.

Well it was actually about 20-30 more feet to the top. On fresh legs I’m sure I could make it. Lowering the tire pressure to about 13lbs is what got me that far.

Those guys were really cool and super stoked about the uni!