Oregon 26 or 29?

I want to get a Muni and would like input on whether the Oregon 26 or 29 would be best.

A little background. I have a Nimbus 36. I have over 2700 miles of mainly road riding over the last 4 years. I recently started riding the Nimbus on some local trails. They are generally non technical flowing single track trails with some relatively small roots and rocks. Today I rode in wet conditions and discovered that the tire I have (Nightrider I think? Diamond pattern) gives no traction on wet dirt and mud. I did lots of slipping and extra UPD’s as a reslult.

So, I want a Muni. I like the big tire of the Oregon. I am leaning toward the 29 inch but am wondering if that huge tire on the 26 might be the way to go.

Thank you for your input.

I normally ride a 26x4, but have tried a 29x3 a time or two.

For an all arounder, either will do you well. I think fatty’s are the best all around Muni’s out there, regardless of size.

In my opinion though, I give the edge to the 29x3 just barely. It’ll handle snow and treat you better in the summer. The 26x4 can be a bit of a bear when it’s dry, but it’s still a blast.

What it comes down to for me, is that in snow, the 26 will do better, and in dirt conditions, the 29 will do better.

I’d get both if my frame would fit the 29 :roll_eyes: .

Thanks Killian,

I assume the frame is the same and I could add another wheel / tire option in the future?

I have been leaning toward the 29x3 and I don’t plan much if any snow riding.

I am curious to see if anyone really pushes the 26 over the 29 in this thread.

Thanks again.

If you don’t plan for snow, I’d go with the 29. The Knard is a fantastic trail tire too.

The great thing is that the frame will fit just about any other tire you could want, so if you want a ‘normal’ wheelset, just throw one in. Or with the Oregon, if you decide you do want a 26x4, you can build one and it’ll fit.

DO NOT listen to the nay sayers either. There are those out there that will tell you fatty’s are for snow/winter riding only. That’s mostly due to running the wrong tire pressure and not trying it for long enough. If I based my fatty experience off of my first ride, I’d have quit a long time ago. Now it’s my favorite rig, especially after trying it in snow. There’s no off season!

Now if only we had a 36x3, I could die a very happy man.

I just chose the 29+ version basically because of what Killian has said. I come from a 36er muni which I love. Because of that I wanted the largest wheel diameter possible and 3" wide seems to be viewed as a great muni width. From what I’ve read the 29+ tires don’t auto steer like some 26x4’s can do.

I plan on riding it mostly for summer muni and winter packed snow. I know it’s not going to be as good in certain snow conditions, soft sand or slimy mud as its 4" brother. The Knard is not designed for mud, but there are some new 29+ tires that are getting better all around reviews. (Maxxis & Bontrager) I went over the list of pros and cons and so far I am happy.

On another note you could check out the Todd 36" off road tire for your big wheel.

Here is a picture of both side by side to compare.

Thanks Fugsworth for the pictures.

I have gone ahead and sprung and ordered the Oregon 29.

I am going to have a Muni!!

So there’s going to be at least 1 other Muni rider within 100 miles of me!

Yessir! My new ride is scheduled to arrive Friday!

Where are you in TN? If you get up I-81, my home and State Park trails are 5 minutes from Exit 101. Holler if you are up this way.

Any suggestions for tire pressure in the 29x3? I weigh 190 pounds.

Just play around with it. Usually I start high and then drop pressure periodically on the trail until the autosteer diminishes.

I’m in the Bristol area. That sounds great! I need to improve my skills a little more on the trails but same to you, if you are down this way there are trails just a few minutes off the Interstate!

Another thing, you have a 36 and soon to be 29, I have a 26 and my 20 trials just showed up earlier today, so we could both try out some different size unis!

My Oregon 29+ came in last night. Had to run into town to get an adapter to connect to the Presta valve. Why do they do that?

Went on 3.5 mile trail ride today. Generally it was great. There were 2 areas that I have never successfully navigated on my 36 or 24 that I did today.

One disappointment was mud. First, I thought the trail would be dry since it was sunny all day yesterday and today but it wasn’t. When I got in the mud, the Oregon 29+ seemed to slide almost as much as my nightrider 36 inch tire. That was a disappointing surprise. Maybe I need to get a 26x4 wheel built up for those soggy days.

Overall, I am pleased though. I look forward to riding drier trails soon.

If you look at reviews of the knard, you’ll see that a lot of people say it clogs up fast. It should still be a good all arounder though. I’d try the Trax fatty or Maxxis or bontrager tires before building a new wheel.

As far as the presta valve goes, the vast majority of bikes use this type of valve so when you use a bicycle rim that’s what you get unfortunately.

I’ve had an oregon 29+ for a couple of years now. I’ll have to admit that I found myself having to deal with a “learning curve” in trails and went back and forth between it and other, smaller unis. Over time though, it became one my favorites.

A few months ago I decided to put together a 26 X 4.8 surly lou mounted on a surly 82mm rolling darryl. I played with it for a while adjusting the tire pressure up and down, but never felt comfortable with it. It always seemed to have significant autosteer as well as being terrible with cambers on both trails and roads. I have since switched back to the 29+.

I recently started to ride the 29+ around town, after increasing the tire pressure and actually quite liked how it rode. In fact, I seem to lean to the oregon 29+ more and more for an all around ride.

I’m glad I didn’t get rid of the beast back when I hadn’t yet “connected” with it. I absolutely love it now.


I’m comparing the 29x3 120tpi Knard to the new 29x3 120tpi Chupacabra.
Stay tuned… :sunglasses:

fugsworth, how about a picture of the two tires? Thanks!

I’m leaning towards the Knard

Thanks for the pictures. Did lots of sliding in mud on my Knard today.

They actually look a lot more similar than I thought…