Ore To Shore Race

YOu might have heard of this race… maybe not. But i just want to let you know that there is a MTB race that is in my town, actually i own alot of the land the race is on (60 acres). Since my dad knows the man who sets this race up every year he is going to ask if i can go in it with my unicycle. Would anyone else be interested in going in it? And i just want to say its not in stone that unicyclist can go in it so I/we might not be able to anyway.

There is 2 different races you can go in. One is the “softrock” race and the other is the “hard rock” race. The softrock is like 28miles, the hard rock is 48 miles i think. I know all the short cuts too since i go back there all the time…lol. The race is a long way off, its in Augest.

There is more info about it if you go here www.oretoshore.com

P.S. again im not sure if we can do this on a uni, but iam going to see, so dont kill me if we cant:o :slight_smile: