Ordering safety gear

I’m gonna order KH gloves, six-six-one shinguards and elbowguards.
Can anyone help me choose the right size? What do I measure and what size does it correspond to? There is this diagram on for six-six-one shinguards on municycle.com, but I’m not sure how to use it. I need help.

Also, do you have any experience with the gear I’m ordering? If yes, are you satisfied with it? I hear six-six-one can be kind of hot sometimes, is it true?

1: how tall are you, what age?
2: 661 knee/shin gaurd are VERY good and not hot if you are ussed to the them (it takes a hour or 2 to get used)
3: I have the KH gloves and they protect very well but I don’t ware them in the summer because they are to hot.


I’m about 176 cm, 18 years old and quite thin.

Edit: just in case, 176 cm is about 5’9"

yeah i should have got 661s but all i have are crappy soccer shinpads. i’ll probably get 661s when they wear out. i have seperate knee pads but i NEVER wear them because they are really hot, itchy, and they really restrict my riding. as for gloves, i just use a pair of fingerless bike gloves because they have good padding on the palms, where i always scrape myself if i have a bad fall. plus the fingerless-ness provides good grip. they also have mesh parts and ventilation to keep my hands cool and i rarely take them off if i’m taking a break from riding.

sixsixones are really good cuz they protect the front and back of your leg…I have sixsixones and i am happy with them but if i was getting new ones i would get some that dont cover my nee… i would rather smaller ones that just cover from my ancl to the bottom of my nee… i feel they are too protective but its still good… yeah and they get really hot but the heat doesnt bother me.