Ordering a new unicycle today.

I’m ordering my second uni today, probably a nimbus trials uni. I’m kinda of a beginner unicyclist, definitely a beginner when it comes trials, so i’m not really sure whats good and whats not and all that. Is nimbus a good trials brand price wise and quality wise? Any tips for just starting on a trials uni?

Don’t fall.

Wear a helmet. And pads, especially if you have metal pinned pedals!

The Nimbus is a great cycle for the price. You can also still find some Koxx One Trials unicycles online (might not be called that) for around $200 and those are also very good.

The Nimbus is a good Uni, a few of the Kids at our club have them and they are very happy with them.

Bunny Hops seem to be the skill of choice of our aspiring trials Unicyclists. It is a good skill to have, you can use that to lead onto other things.

The best thing to do is practice just riding around and trying to get over or around obstacles.

A helmet is a good idea.


What about the torker dx trials? Seems pretty good, I don’t know anything about the different brands or anything though, specs look pretty much the same as the nimbus trials. They’re about the same price, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Advice?

Not a trials, but I bought a 24" torker DX, and it is very good, but apparently it uses some non-standard parts (especially the older models), and they can be a problem to replace.
I wasn’t aware of the Nimbus when I bought my Torker, otherwise I probably would have purchased the Nimbus. Little things like brake mounts and a 3" tire made it a slightly better deal.