ordered some new white armour (knee, elbow, back armour) :D

can’t wait to ride with it :smiley:

also…looks like my unicycle will be converted into a speeder bike by a group of prop builders i met when i thought i had just a typical run of the mill meeting with a batman costume enthusiast who makes his own batterangs and can hit targets at 20 feet with them

strange things brewing over here…lots of unicycle filming things coming up!

such a dork !:slight_smile:

Epic win

Can you say chafage?

Need a video

you would not believe the videos i have planned :smiley:

@john…it will be designed with unicycle comfort over authenticity :smiley: (it will come in where my legs need to work)

also, i will be riding with only the armour long before the speeder bike gets made

i figure as long it’s a star wars guy on a unicycle, people will get it :slight_smile:

also, the guy building my suit is making the boots from my unicycle pedal-friendly tan airwalks, instead of the authentic looking hiking type boot