Ordered my KH29

Well i’m using the 125 hole atm lol :astonished:

Another thing I forgot was the banging of my knees on the frame :frowning:

I havnt ever had pains in my knees from riding mine, well since I got the break and I have bad knees.

Strange how you say using longer cranks has made it easier on your knees arn’t they ment to make it worse?

Well there’s more leverage with longer cranks so it takes less force to stop. :roll_eyes:

Yea but your knees have to bend through a bigger angle.

Well i’m pretty sure it’s the force you exert which makes your knees ache… :thinking:

Selection process: Down to the final few 29" uni’s to buy

Its interesting to hear your comments on riding the 29" vs 20".
Especially your knees and banging them on the frame.

I’m down to three choices for my next uni (upgrade from 20 MUNI)

Torker AX 29"
Nimbus 29 "
Bedford 29"

Of the three the Bedford unit is higher quality and higher price.

My primary role with this uni will be long distance/touring and occassional MUNI.

How do you find you uni for Long distance and off roading ?

Did you find it difficult to freemount, idle, climb hills with your new steed.

Freemounting is simple privding you can do the rolling/jump mount on a 20" uni. Idling is slightly harder… you use much slower pushes (involuntarily). Hill climbing I haven’t yet tried, but I’d imagine it’l be tiring! Again, the long distance I haven’t tried but it does have a substantial ‘‘cruising’’ speed. Muni - well I have nowhere to muni but it rolls lovely offroad on grass etc. Very smooth ride.

I tend to think that knee pain comes more from lots of reps with longer cranks. Longer cranks force you to bend your knees much farther while pushing on the pedals. Think about how much force you put on your knees when pedaling; it’s not much more than you weigh unless you have massive upper body strength and can pull very hard up on the handle.

I have to agree… the wheel does seem to get smaller when you put some miles on it. Since I have been riding my N36 for about a month 2 things have happened: 1) My 26" torker seems soooo small, and when I got it I thought it was huge! 2) after a few long rides and some upd’s, the 36" is getting less intimidating. It still is huge but the confidence level is soaring. I could not consider going over ten miles on anything but a 36".

I thoughm my 29 was huge and i’m used to it already lol. But that doesn’t mean I wont appreciate it :smiley:

One small query. When I put my big apple 2.35 (came with the uni to my surprise :astonished: ) and pumped it up to 30 PSI everytime it got to that pressure part of the tyre popped off the rim - so im riding it at aound 25 but still worried it may come off the rim.

Is this something that usually happens or is there some kind of fault? Should I worry that the tyre may slip off the rim when i’m riding?

Make sure it is evenly on the rim. Pump it up a little and check that the line close to the rim is the same distance from it all around. If it isnt, hit the tyre or pull the tyre untill it is then you should be able to pump it up the rest.

Strage, this must be more than coinsadence (sp?)
I find hill climbing easyer on my KH29 with 150mm cranks compared to my KH20 with 137s

Think maybe its the tire? I know on my 24" i can go up hills pretty easily, but with my 29er, its almost effortless. Also, on my 29er, I can ride way slower than I can on my 24".

Sadly, I think my 24" will start collecting dust since I got my 29er. Its just way better to ride, and seems to be easier too…but, maybe its me:D