Ordered my KH29

And after all that hassle of deciding what I wanted with my nimbus 36 etc, I changed my mind. I saw this video; http://youtube.com/watch?v=c0ta1C1gftY, and decided I wanted a KH29. I think I just like how it’s not as big, so is slightly more manoeuvrable, and still has good speed… and as we know it’s a ‘‘hybrid’’. (Too many ands, I know).

Well other people seem to love theirs, so I hope i’ll enjoy mine equally.

That is exactly why I changed my mind from a Nimbus 36 and went for a KH29.

I love mine, you will really enjoy it.


Great choice, Im sure you will love it. I realy love mine. Im not even going to start writing the great things about it because the list will be too long. Did you go for the twin hole cranks? Are you going to fit it with a break?

I did get the dual hole cranks, but not a brake yet. I’ll get settled with it then see I think I need a brake :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ridden a KH29 or N36

Just curious, since I’m considering the same Uni myself.

Have you ridden either the N36 or KH29.

If so what difference did you find between the two.

For me, I have a 20" muni for the trails, and looking for a larger wheel for touring/long distance.

BTW the video was cool.

Well I haven’t, but somebody else may have.

And BTW the vid aint mine :stuck_out_tongue:

looks very smooth to ride at those speeds

I have.

I didn’t get on with the 36" at all, it is very hard to free mount, very heavy, and using a brake on it is a very different operation from braking on a unicycle like the KH29.

I now have a KH29, and I find it a lot easier to free mount, it is more maneuverable, and is still a very smooth unicycle to ride.

I had no experience of riding a 36" unicycle before, so my failure to get on with the Nimbus 36" was mainly due to that, but I settled into the KH29 immediately.


I just saw this one. It looks like most of them are on 26X3" unis.

There is NOTHING like a 36er! Don’t be fooled into buying a cheaper touring alternative unless you live and ride where grades are consistently in the double digits. The difference between a 36er and a 29er is like the difference between your 20" and a twelve". If you want to tour, which would you rather ride? 29 is fun - but 36 is serious kicks!

So much of it will depend on your riding style. Nothing beats a 36 for long distance road riding. I even know a couple of people who have enough control on a 36 to ride Muni but a whole lot of people can and do ride serious Muni on 29ers. I have a homebuilt 29er and a N36. 9 times outa 10 I grab the 29er. Just love it. My preference is towards trail riding rather than LDR (long distance road) riding.

Congrats on ordering a KH29. Awesome and versitile unicycle.

Well, I’ve read about the BA 2.0 and … 2.35? tyres (2.0 being the preference), but are there any other tyres anyone can recommend or should it be satisfatory with the stock tyre? To me the stock tyre doesn’t look thick enough to grip on steep hills like my CC would - but I haven’t had experience on it…

Whats the verdict?

I like the WTB Exiwolf right now, but the trails around here aren’t wet yet. You can read more about my first ride on it here.

I agree. If distance is your thing, a 36er is what you need. If cross-country (like the video) is your thing, then go 29er. (although much CC is ridable on a 36er).

36ers are intimidating at first, but they get smaller as you put miles on them.

The question isn’t really “Do I get a 29er or a 36er?”, it’s “Which one do I get first?”

I’d also like to note, that the riding in the video isn’t really taxing enough to require a KH29er. You could do that with a less-expensive 29er.

Ive noticed that… but as of yet, I have not found any other 29" Muni/cc videos :frowning: Can anybody direct me to some?

I just picked up a pair of brand new exiwolfs on eBay for $28. I’m looking forward to putting one on my 29er, thanks to your enthusiastic recommendation!

my KH29 has just arrived! so far its looking awesome!


First impressions - it’s great. Impressed with the speed, seatpost is a bit too high so there’s a bit of the old chafage - but i’ll cut it down (It’s so scary(at first…)). I need to tighten the spokes tomorrow just to be safe.

One thing i’m not impressed with if the aching in my knees:p

The aching in my knees was pretty intense when I first got my 29er. It’s subsided some, but on steep hills the pain returns. I recently switched to longer cranks (165s) and that really seems to have helped with the pain. If I ever get to a point where stomping up a hill with the 165s becomes easy, I’ll give the 150s another try.