Ordered a Torker DX.

I’m happy now, just ordered a Torker DX.

I read some stuff about denubbing cranks, is that just getting rid of the bulge where the crank is slid onto the hub?

What else should I know about this unicycle? besides the 48 spoke rim which takes forever to true. I much prefer 36 spokes, but I’m not complaining since it’s stronger.

You may not have a problem with the tiny nubs on the DX.

Just moving your foot about half a centimeter will be a lot easier to do than denubing the cranks though, so you may jsut get used to it and not hit your ankles.

Um, if you have the 2007 model, you wont have to worry about the frame breaking. It just has a lot of clearance, but its still a good uni.

I ordered it from Unicycle.com, so it should be the 2007 updated frame.

I hope the duty fees aren’t too expensive :frowning: That’s the only thing I don’t like about ordering from the USA.

My current Unicycle is a Norco Twenty and the cranks have basically no Q-Factor, and I hit my ankle on the crank for the first time today, and that’s because I was hopping around waiting for a stoplight to change on the way to school in the rain.

Any info on the seatclamp, I have a greatly famous skill of breaking seatposts clamps on my BMX. I broke one loosening it, and another I broke when I was done changing a wheelset and I picked the bike up from being upside down and it stripped… sat down and and I found out what the crack sound was.

I haven’t had any problems with the seatpost clamp. Just don’t over tighten it.

Hmm, didn’t you have a link in your sig to a website about these platform things that have 2 rollerblade wheels on the bottom and you stand on two of these and do tricks and stuff?

I was searching for about an hour yesterday and couldn’t find them.

The duty fees will be 14 percent plus whatever the assholes at UPS decide to charge you. When I bought my 661’s from UDC I was charged 30 bucks duty. When a friend of mine bought his DX on ebay, he payed 50 bucks in duty fees.

I hope those give you a good estimate of what to expect.

I live in canada, and when I ordered my swallis base, I got only $10 bucks of duties and $30 buck in tax. I still don’t know why. Ask the guy that is selling it to you to make it out as a christmas gift. No duties.

You know that is illegal right?

IS that really illegal?
I am glad that I didn’t do it as a gift when I did an ebay thing, I knew it felt wrong.

So? How are they going to find out. The us/canadian border fees are dumb. We are so connected with the US, we shouldn’t have to have duties. It is annoying for small businesses and individuals, but for large companies, it’s ok.

Yeah but the companies who bring the packages into the countries are the ones who pay the taxes on your package (kinda like a loan), but they then force you to pay additional fees (often called handling fees) if you want to recieve your package. I view this as a form of extorsion, I’m already paying for the package but they then add on a random amount of cash (I tried to find it on their website and it just said that there may be an added charge) that you are forced to pay to recieve this.

So basically you have to do something illegal to avoid being the victim of an illegal act. If you feel moraly wrong about it then just send it as an xmas present to yourself, and don’t use it until christmas.

No, it’s illegal for a company like Unicycle.com to send out their packages as gifts, because that’s avoiding the fees, even then if it gets inspected, you will still have to pay the fees.

Don’t plan on denubbing until you’ve ridden it a while. My son and one of my riding buddies both ride DXs, and never have ankle issues. But when I’ve ridden the DX, I’ve smacked my ankles many times.

The seatpost clamp was a little wonky on my son’s muni–it went from way loose and wobbly to ultra-tight really fast. It was hard to make little adjustments. He now has a KH frame so it’s been a bit since I messed with it.

28.6mm Seatclamps aren’t hard to find, but the 22.2mm on my bike is.

If I don’t like it I’ll just go pick up a nice one from the local bike shop, they have some sweet ones that I like.

when i tell them

Are you just going to drop them a line then?

I forgot to mention, Unicycle.com could lose their shipping contract I believe, if they were waiving the fees for people.

EDIT: Enough avoiding government taxes now please, back on topic of the Torker DX.

A couple of things re: your new DX. The nubs on my DX 24 have not been a problem however I have been wearing a high top shoe since I started riding this unicycle (no excessive wear showing up on the sides of the shoes though)

As far as removal of the nubs is concerned it could be a reasonably costly process as to properly do it you should take it to a machinist. Sometimes nub removal also involves shortening of the attachment bolts that hold the crank arms on to the axle as they might bottom out too soon with the nub removed.

The DX cranks do not have any Q factor built into them. They are straight just like your old unicycle. I only noticed this to be a problem after I purchased a new KH with Q factored crank arms. (it takes a bit of getting used to when you are swapping back & forth between different uni’s)

Not to flog this shipping issue thing but charges into Canada are a real sore spot from my perspective. UDC (and many other companies) use UPS for a reason. It’s called kick back. “Duty fees” are set around the 13%-15% range for bicycles (unicycles seem to get lumped in with bikes) “Parts” for bikes / uni’s are set at a lower rate (not sure what %) Gifts are not supposed to be subject to duty but as mentioned this is actually not lawfull for companies to do “Duty fees” go to the Canadian Gov’t.
The extra fees that are being tacked on by the shipper (and UPS is the worst for this) are what are known as “brokerage fees.” If UDC and other companies were to send things out via US postal service these brokerage fees would not be applied however UDC receives a financial kick back from their contracted shipper. i.e the shipper charges you an extra amount of money at your door at time of delivery and then sends some of the profits back to UDC

Some where through this process you will also be charged the Federal GST and you might also be charged Ontario’s provincial tax.

Sorry for the long post. I’ll go away now

Important Delivery Information

Scheduled Delivery: 06-November-2006

Shipment Detail
Ship To:
Satan Inc.
Dan Borgschulze

Interesting… I left out the rest of my personal information.

Oh man, shipping info just updated for like the 5th time.

My new Unicycle is in Buffalo, NY.

That’s like a 2 and a half hour drive from Hamilton

Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow :slight_smile: