Ordered a Fusion One saddle and I'm dissapointed

I’ve been riding the KH fusion zero saddle all this year but after reading the broken pivotal bolt reports and feeling the flex I decided to order the Fusion One because it has a “solid” bolt and is" compatible with the the KH stiffener plate".

I received this saddle today and it doesn’t have a solid bolt and to use the stiffener plate you’ll have to drill another hole in it because the saddle has a single bolt instead of the normal two near the seatpost.

Has anybody else received a Fusion One like this?


I have not ordered one (but was thinking about it for a while). The stiffener plate adaptation is part of the warnings on the KH website. The good news is : new batch will have the 3 holes and for the other, it shouldn’t be too hard to drill.

After reading the KH info on the ONE saddle I have no reason to be dissapointed, it doesn’t say anywhere that the bolt is solid(I don’t know where I read it was) and it warns about the stiffener plate. Luckily drilling the plate is easy and the ONE saddle seems to have the additional foam that my areas need.