Orange County Unicycle Ride

All SoCAL unicyclists! My uni club will be doing a ride tommorow, Saturday at 2:30 at Dana Point Harbor and any one is welcome to join us. We will meet at Beach Cities Pizza on Golden Lantern. We will feast afterwards. Also we are in two large parades in March and anyone can join us on either the 3rd or 24th of March for Orange County parades! Hope to see some new faces.

Hope to see you tomorrow at Dana Point.
May I also ask hat this parade in March is for?

is there an orange county in new york, and california?

March 3rd is the Festival of the Whales Parade and March 24th is the Swallow’s day parade. Both are a lot of fun. Swallow’s Day is the largest non motorized parade in the US. There is an Orange County in New York and California. In fact, both Disney Land and Disney World are in Orange County as there is also one in Florida

its in florida, not new york, btu there is a one in cali.

interesting (sorta) random fact, both disneys (land and world) are both in an orange county, but they are in different states.

There is, indeed, an Orange County, New York along the Hudson River, about 40 miles north of New York City It is the home of Orange County Choppers of US TV fame.

How about a word for other-color counties? Anyone? I’ve been to all three of the Oranges. Makes me think there must be more.

How many states have a town or city called Rochester?

Found one more that was news to me:

. . . . and another:

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Orange County, Vermont doesn’t seem to have a Web site.

Let me rephrase this.

Is there a State that doesn’t have an Orange County?