Orange County MUNI ride!

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to invite everybody to the Top of the World Unicycle ride this
Saturday, September 27th at 9:30AM. To get there take the freeway to Oso Pkwy. It will turn into PAcific Park which will hit Canyon Vistas Rd. If you hit the 73 you went too far. make a left and take this until you see unicycles and apark on your left hand side. If you have any questions please let me
know. It should be a ton of fun!

Adam Brody

What freeway? You just have, “Take the freeway.” I’m just wondering if you have more information than that.


can’t wait for it. I’ll bring some friends

Yeah, looks like I can finally make one of your rides! Count me in. Tyler, you going for sure? I’ll bring your pink t-shirt and crank puller if so.

i am for sure going

What specific trail(s) do you plan to ride? There’s five oaks, rock-it, lynx, stairstep, mathis and cholla, which becomes a plain fireroad at the top, and does end at top of the world, which is a pretty steep climb in a few spots. Then there’s the canyon at the bottom. Lots of choices. The first four are the most technical. Oh what the hell, just do 'em all! :sunglasses:

i think we should, but some of the less advanced riders might not be able to.:frowning:

The nice thing about that is you can simply get off and walk around/over the areas that are too difficult. I seem to remember that the OC club has done several rides at Aliso including rock-it and lynx. In fact, our very first ride was more than 2 years ago, (See link below) and many thought the kids would not make it. Not only did they all make it, but after three hours, didn’t want to stop! (We’ve all improved a lot I think! :slight_smile: )

This is where Deano took a bad fall and smacked his head on the solid rockit trail! Good thing he was wearing a helmet…for once!
Aliso footage kicks in at :49

Any other newbies coming?

I have only been MUni-ing for about 5 months maybe once a week. Additionally, I’ve ridden the trails at Aliso Wood hundreds of times on a mountainbike and am not sure I could MUni very many of the trails. I don’t mind walking by what I am not comfortable with but I wouldn’t want to hold everybody up.

You shouldn’t have any problems at all. Did you see the video I posted above? That was from over two years ago and none of the members of the OC uni club had ever done MUni, or mountain biking at aliso, expeically not on technical stuff like that! They did amazingly well and we just took our time. You have a decided advantage, having ridden those trails hundreds of times on your mtb. :slight_smile:

PS: Has anybody else noticed a change in the forum layout? I also haven’t seen the “Multi-quote” button before.

Yes. Very late last night went to a new server. There is also a new layout, and some new features.

Now onto my question: will anyone be going past the Anaheim area to get there? I don’t have a way of going and I would really appreciate it if any of you could make a quick stop. I could even try to meet someone someplace so that it wouldn’t be out of your way, like meeting somewhere you would already be driving past. Again, I would deeply appreciate any help.

Hey Joe,
I could probalby swing by even though it might be a bit out of my way. Call me tonight or early tomorrow morning to figure out things. I’ll be leaving my house at 8am or 7:30 am depending on if I am picking you up. Then I can drop you off when we are done. Let me know ASAP. You can find my number at or you can email me but calling would be best.

Would love to make it out there but i start work at 9:30 lol. Have fun guys!!

Thanks everyone for a great time, it was a huge success with 18 riders! It was great meeting everyone and I hope to ride more with ya’ll. I tried to take pictures of everyone but don’t think I got everyone but I’ll post all the ones I took. Here’s the first group shot;


Here are some more…








THANKS AGAIN TO THE MOM(s) and ADAM who bought pizza. That really hit the spot and was a great way to end the ride!!















Great pics! Glad you all had a fun time hope it wasn’t too hot out there! What trails did you all do? The one DH pic of Deano looks like Rock-it or maybe lynx.

Yes it was hot but fun
We went up Cholla and down Rocket!! It was a ton of fun and I am very proud of all the kids and adults!!! Thank you everyone who came and helped out!