Orange County Harbor Ride!

This Sunday at 1:00 PM we are having a
unicycle ride down at Dana Point Harbor though we are starting in a
different spot then normal. The ride will meet at Stonecreek Park in Dana
Point which is on Stonehille in between Del Obispo and Camino Capistrano.
To get there take the 5 south to camino Capistrano make a left on Camino
Capistrano than a right on Stonehill and the park will be on your right
hand side. We will meet there and ride down the bike trail to the harbor
and have beach cities pizza on the way back. It should be a lot of fun and it
is the original ride we did back in 2003 when the club started. I hope to
see everyone there!!! Let me know if you can make it

you can count on me being there. I hope to see everyone who can make it come. it will be a lot of fun for riders of all skill levels.

Cool. I’ll try to make it, but 1 question: what do you think the speed and distance will be? Do you think I will be able to keep up with some cokers or 29ers if I’m on my 26"?

Joe, most will be on their 20" and trials unis. These rides are always for fun and not really competitive, although when I ride with the group we sometimes stop and have lots of fun hopping on stuff and doing trialsy things when we get the chance. And we always ride at a fairly relaxed pace. It’s all for fun. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks, Terry. It sounds perfect for me. I guess I could bring my 20", then. I will most likely be able to come, and I look forward to meeting everyone else who will be there!

Terry I hope you can join us! I look forward to meeting you Joe!

I will seriously try to make it! I’m leaving for “Ski-lift MUni” at Mammoth on Tuesday morning, about 4:30am, and so after this Saturday’s 10+ mile MUni ride, I’ll have to see how these old bones feel on Sunday, lol. :o

I just made a new video. The seven set in my video is in the ride.

Haha yeah I know, I commented a while ago.:slight_smile:

The tall ship festival is also going on in the place where we are riding so this ride should be especially fun!

Does Stonecreek Park have an address?

I googled it and there doesn’t seem to be much info or an address for Stonecreek park. But if you just follow his directions you should find it easily:

5 south to camino Capistrano make a left on Camino Capistrano than a right on Stonehill and the park will be on your right hand side.

You could always call Adam at the number I gave you to see if he has an actual address. :slight_smile:

O.C. Uni Ride Event

Sunday Sept. 21 at 8:30 a.m. meet in front of Huntington Beach pier, will will head north to the edge of Bolas Chica wetlands and back. Also, a night ride same location Sat Sept 20 at 8:30 p.m. bring your lights.

You should make a separate thread for this. And please specify if it’s a coker ride, or larger wheeled unis, which I assume it is. You are a brand new member, unless you created a new account, and so I am also assuming you are a Uni rider, and this is not for bikes. :slight_smile:

Well, guys. This ride was really fun. It was great meeting you all, and I will be doing this more often. I’m glad nobody was injured (mostly), but when I came home I figured I would just take a few laps around my street. I wasn’t planning on doing anything, so I didn’t bother to put my 661’s on and, you guessed it, my pedals got revenge. In some bizarre freak crash my pedal slid up and down my right leg like never before. Man, I was angry. It looks worse than it feels, but the moral of the story is: never ride on pinned pedals without leg armor. Your pedals probably hate you, and they will strike back eventually. Here’s some fun pictures for you to look at.

Ouch! Glad you had fun on the ride and got a chance to meet new riders!:smiley:

it was good meeting you as well. work on those unispins and crankflips. i have this scar on my leg from my snafu pedals. it is six inches long and it was from a nasty pedal bite from jumping off a wall. i posted a picture of the scar a while back. I only wear shin guards when i am riding hard or learning new tricks. I was wearing my shin guards the other day and i tried to 360 unispin and one of my feet missed and i felt the pedal threw my shin guard and had to stop riding for a while.