Orange county, ca

Hey all, i live in huntington beach and was wondering if anybody knew of any good trails nearby. I can only think of laguna hills.
The conservation is an ok ride but mostly flat trail with a nice gradual walking trail on the hillside.

There should be a separate sub-forum for meetup locations

In all my life i never saw a unicyclist and as soon as i get one i saw a kid riding a simple schwinn looking one on the sidewalk and i believe my dad spotted at 36er on his run up huntington beach a week later.

If anyone wants to meetup or knows of any nearby trails feel free to post

There plenty of great MUni trails within less than an hour’s travel from HB. OC is home to some fun trails, including Aliso, Whiting Ranch and others.

Aliso Wood is just down the coast 30 minutes or so from you and has a wide variety of trail options. Go to and search for trails using Aliso, The site provides descriptions, photos, maps and trail profiles.