Orange County, CA MUni ride

On saturday, February 7th at 10AM there will be a MUni ride for anyone who wants to come. We’ll be riding in a local wildlife preserve and emerency flood area that is only know to locals and very well hidden. We will be meeting at my house but if too many people plan on coming we will be meeting at a nearby high school. The terrain is usually fairly smooth but we do go by a few areas where anybody can challenge themselves going down hills or off of drops. The terrain can offer something for any skill level. I will have water and gatorade, but I recommend you bring some food or anything else you may want for yourself.


55 North to 91 east
Exit Lakeview Ave
Left on Lakeview
Right on Orangethorpe
Left on Glenview Ave. (2nd street on left)
Left on Glenview cir.
I’m on the end of the coul de sac at 1879
I’ll have my garage open and a few unicycles in front of my house.

If you have any questions call me at (714) 351 5971

I hope to see many people there!

I’m there.
edit. Or maybe not. It depends on if i get into drivers ed. If i do then i can’t go because i will have class. I might wait until later in th year to take it though. We will see.

Cool. It’s about 25-30 minutes from your house, judging by where the charity ride was.

Yea. I live literally across the street from where the charity ride was held

I might try to make it, if it’s not too far away.

cough cough I might have to call in sick from work…

Get well soon…


I have not tried muni before. How easy is the easy stuff? Could someone with very basic uni skills have fun on it?

If I go I’d probably start at least three hours ahead of the pack, unless the weather that day was totally cloudy, overcast with highs no more than the mid 60’s. :sunglasses:

I’ll be there.

In spirit… haha

Just hop on the bus, it’s no fuss,
Take a night train, it’s no strain
Pull up the stakes, and do what it takes
Just break that rusty door-hinge
And come ride Mr. ORANGE! :sunglasses: :slight_smile: :smiley:


awesome poem terry

Thanks. :slight_smile:

There’s a guy named Tyler, who rides on one wheel
He’s learned so darn fast, and with so much zeal
His skills are impressive, but he keeps getting better
Be it Muni or street, he’s a cool trend setter
So keep at it Tyler, who’s last name is Nail
The way you are going, you’ll never fail! :slight_smile:

(Edit time ran out)
(Alternate last line)
Soon you’ll be grinding, that big 9 set rail!

Well the easy stuff is just hard packed dirt covered in very tiny pebbles. You should go to the nearest place with dirt and try it! The first time I tried it, it was pretty hard. After about 2 hours, I had it down to where I could ride over most surfaces, as long as it was flat. If you practice, I’m sure you’d get it fast enough to come on the ride with us.

awesome terry. thanks. I feel special now.

I should be back from Australia so I will try and make it! Sounds like fun, I haven’t MUni’d since I’ve been here, like over a month so it’ll be nice to get back into it…I miss it!!!

Thread jack: Jamey-you should post some uni pix from down under!

After knee surgery, I have just gotten the go ahead to ride again. Going to start slow on two wheels. I hope to be able to make this Muni ride.

And Terry, what’s the point of started 3 hours early. You really aren’t that slow. :thinking:

Haha. No it’s just to start before it gets so hot. You know that by now lol.:o Just like today, I got up at 6am, got to the trail about 7 and finished by 9:30 when it was still only about 68 degrees, but by 11am the forecast said it would be in the low 80’s!

Hey Jim - if you want some company on the two wheel side let me know - I am always up for Whiting or Luge or Aliso.