Orange County, CA Charity Unicycle Ride

on November 22nd at 3:30PM is the Orange County Unicyclists charity ride! It should be a blast and we will go and get sponsored by local businesses and raise some money for OC foster kids. I really want to get more people involved so please post or e-mail me if you can join us. It is at Marco Forster Middle School in San Juan Capistrano off of the intersection of Del Obispo and Del Avion. Come if you can!

I hope I can make it. I’ll start training on my high school’s track tomorrow!

I’m nursing a really sore knee, but I plan to be better by then! I’ll make it.

George Key

I am planning a unicycle fundraiser in Placentia George Key School for the special need kids. What ideas are u planning for yours? Thanks in advance for your response.

I’m there!! It’s gonna be fun weaving in and out of all the kids on the guni…

… in the dirt on my newly shaved down tire…

Maybe trying to max the geared uni isn’t such a good idea after all. uses head…

That is awesome! The way ours works is that we all go out and get sponsored either per lap or for a flat amount and then do as many laps as we can in one hour. It is a lot of fun and we usually raise a few thousand dollars for charity and get the kids doing good work!!

Chuck I am sure you will find a way to do a ton of laps and not hit any kids!!!

Heyzor, are there any directions to where that little dirt track is? Also, we need to get some of the San Diego folks up here, because they’re really close… Jake! Eric! John! Ralph! Come up and ride in circles with us! Hello? :slight_smile:

From UCI take the 405 south to the 5 to Ortega Hwy. Make a right on Ortega Hwy and a left on Del Obispo. The school is on the intersection of Del Obispo and Del Avion thought it is easiest to park on Del Obispo next to the track. I suggest you take Del Obispo to Del Avio the u-turn and park on the northbound side of the road next to the track.

Anybody who is free should come down and join us for this. Maybe we can get in a game of uni b ball after the ride at the school!!!

Man I wish I could attend! I’ll even be in Anaheim that night for a Buckethead concert, but I can’t leave early enough because I have to wait for my girlfriend to finish work. Phooey!

I’m almost sure I will be able to go. A few questions, though:

  1. What do we need to do to get sponsored?

  2. Is that already taken care of?

  3. And should I show up earlier than 3:30?

Looking forward to seeing everybody there! I’ll be bringing two friends as well, including one who I taught to ride about a month ago and he’s doing great. I’ll be doing a MUni ride in the early am tomorrow with two other new riding buddies, and even though they won’t be able to attend the charity ride, they’ll each be giving me a donation check to bring to the event! Thanks Paho and Illan, you’re a great guys!:slight_smile:

HOW DO I GET SPONSORED? ANYBODY??? Please I want to know if there are already companies sponsoring everyone or if we needed to find people.

You can get sponsored or just show up and ride. If you want you can get people to sponsor you a dollar per lap. Come and join us either way though!!!

That’s good to know. Thank you. I will most likely be there, now it’s just a matter of making sure today’s busy schedule is going to work. I’ll try to get my mom and some neighbors to sponsor me.

I gave donation forms to one friend who is attending, and he has gathered at least $200 from his friends and relatives! Another who cannot attend is sending in his donation by mail! Should be a the best “unicycle-o-thon” yet! :smiley:

How was the ride? Please post a report.

Thank you.

hey Scott TTocs!! You’re in Irvine… do I know you? Do you know me and/or Todd (onelesscar) and/or any of us here at UC Irvine… or our small circle of brand new riders? We should get together and ride!!

The ride went great… Beyond that I don’t really know anything :slight_smile: - but I’m sure Adam could tell you more.

Crud… late for class. Grrr. Why am I still posting?

The ride went great!! A wee bit chilly but perfect after riding a couple laps. Chuck did the most laps, like 50 or something and I came in second with 44!! Now I have a goal to beat for next year. Don’t know how much money was raised but hopefully Adam will chime in sooner or later. Thanks again Adam for organizing this!