Orange Coker (w/HS22/33 Frankenbrakes, 29er Conversion, T7, Big Earls)--$475 OBO

Hey Guys,

Up for sale is my baby, Orange Crush. She’s in very good condition, only got to ride her a few times–injection nubs are still on the tire.

So here’s the rundown:

  • Coker frame (I painted it, not perfect but it looks nice)
  • Coker wheelset
  • Brycer's HS22/33 frankenbrake setup
  • 29er conversion (used the "baby powder" method and it worked great)
  • Qu-Ax 125mm alu. cranks
  • Radial TA tire (99% tread)
  • Bontrager Big Earl pedals
  • T7 handle w/Bontrager grips, water cage, tool bag
  • KH bike rail seatpost
  • KH Freeride saddle
  • Spare 29er tube

Since she’s seen very little use (ridden less than 2 miles), I’m asking $475 OBO + shipping.

Let me know, guys!

Here are some pics:




I’m interested, in Brooklyn.

Where in PA are you?

Do you come to the NYC Unatics meetings? They are a great time, we could meet there.


Sent you a PM.

But for other interested parties, I’m in Philly.

Still available, looking to make a deal.

Price drop to $425 OBO.

Really really really need a set up like this for my expedition next summer!
although, im in England, UK :frowning:
how much do you reckon shipping would be??
Cheers! Jai

Oh, I’m not sure man. I would imagine $100+, but I could be wrong. If you’ll pay it, I’ll ship it though. Send me a PM if you’re still interested.

how much is shipping to knoxville tennessee 37932

Around $50

thanks i cant afford it now sorry good luck with sale

No problem, thanks man.

Still available by the way. I have a quite a few interested parties but no one wants to pull the trigger quite yet.

I’d appreciate offers, also willing to work out shipping.

Does it have to be sold as one unit? If not I am interested in it except for the:

Brycer’s HS22/33 frankenbrake setup
29er conversion (used the “baby powder” method and it worked great)
T7 handle w/Bontrager grips, water cage, tool bag
Spare 29er tube

Yes, it needs to be sold as a unit, sorry.

Also, sale is pending. I will post here if that falls through.

If that sale falls through, how much would shipping be to Los Angeles?



I decided I’ll buy the whole thing if it’s still available. Would you take $400 plus shipping?

I’ll get back to you if the current deal falls through.

i’ll buy for 425 if parents let me

Sorry guys, this has been SOLD.

For anyone who is nervous about shipping a coker they might have for sale, don’t be. It’s really easy. All you need is two bike boxes from your local bike shop, a razor knife and some reinforced packing tape.

Unicycles and cowboys, can they mix.

Good to know.

With a box knife a bunch of card board can be made into a thing of beauty when in the hands of someone with a little ambition, ingenuity, and lack of fear.

JD Miller
a humble broker of pawns who is anxiously awaiting a delivery, but will have to wait 'cause it’ll be delivered while he is out of town. Attending the Monterey Cowboy and Music Festival.