Orange Bud

I have had my orange bud for a while now and put alot of time on it. Its defienently not made for muni, i was pretty annoyed with it at moab. So if your gonna try and use it for muni you would probably be miserable like i was part of the time. I went for a 10ft drop at moab twice and i never landed it, but the orange bud held up great!!
Its a great street uni and it feels good for trials too. As soon as i got on it i could feel the street feel of it. I dont know how to describe it except that it feels lower to the ground than a KH trials. The small cranks make it fast and it helped me on some of my skinny riding. Its easy to throw around and seat is super comfy. Im just learning to grind and it feels good for grinding too.
The wheel set up seems to be super strong. The spokes are a thick gauge and i havent had any problems with the cranks or hub yet. They came off real easy wich suprised me.
The only thing that i would complain about is that for some odd reason i didnt get any spacers that go inbetween the cranks and the hub to keep the frame from moving side to side. I notice that when i ride sometimes , but other than that it feels good.
Im kind of dissapointed in the design of the bearing housing because of how flimsy it looks, but i havent bent anything yet. I guess koxx could make it more durable or stronger and still keep it light, but its up to them. Also the seat post tube is very close to the tire. That is what makes it so bad for muni. My tire doesnt hit it, but i have heard of a few people that the tire does hit.
Other than that this thing seems to be super strong.

yeah, I remember riding your orange bud at moab. I couldn’t get any bounce out of the tire lol.

if you ever do mess up the frame, you could just get a kh. they are nice.

haha…i had the tire pressure up kinda high…

I remember you and your uni. We discussed me and other riders using a low PSI, and higher PSIs lol.

Im glad your uni is holding up for you. Sucks that I didn’t get to watch you try the drop.

yeah the koxx bearings look weak, but i’ve never heard anyone breaking them, so they cant be that weak… plus they are steel so they can bend a bit unlike aluminium :smiley:

I don’t know if I ever got to meet you at moab jerrick.

yeah, I ride my tire pressure pretty high, but for everyone else its really low because I only weigh 80 pounds.

I think I saw youu once, maybe. I was trying to look for you right after Terry told me you were coming. There is always next year. =p

the mountain dew people got the drop on film, but i dont know if they will post it on youtube or anything…
the tire on the orange bud is good for low pressure (psi in the 20 to 30) range. I was running it at 25psi and the tire is thick enough that it felt like 30psi…i only weigh like 118lbs though…
i cant stand to run my pressure too low because it bounces you alot on drops and some people are crazy enough to run their pressure so low that they think the tire will “form with the rock”, but they end up getting flat spots in rims because their pressure is at 15psi…

Well, its true that the tire will grasp on better. It has a lower pressure, which gives a larger surface area, which means more grip.

In fact, i was riding a cement skinny, and went too far over the side, and felt half my tire fold down and grab onto the side of the cement, which was enough to keep me up and get steady again on the skinny.

I have done this with fuller tires and will jsut roll right off.

I purposely try to land on the edge of ledges and skinnies jsut to test this stuff out. Its fun.

Too low, and like you side, you pinch a lot, but thats why we gotta find that happy medium where you can have a squishy bouncy tire, but will not pinch easily. Mine happens to be right at 30psi.

i know what you mean with the last part about perfect pressure, but too low im talkin about peoples tires are litteraly folding and they are riding on the rim and they complain about how they get flat spots all the time…
the squsihy ur talking about for the orange bud tire is at about 20psi or so…

it depends on how much you weigh though.

the squishy for me on a CC is like 13 psi.

once again i weigh about half as much as most peoples.

yeah like 80lbs i guess…i weigh like 120lbs and it also depends on the tire you use…
the creepy crawler is a thinner wall than the one of the orange bud so it all depends…

yeah. Im planning on getting a monty eagle claw soon.

what is the price of an orange bud?

i got it from rennegade juggling for about 550dollars…im not sure, but i think the price was sumthing like that…

ok well im getting a Devil then lol:o

yeah the only thing that is different between the orange bud and the devil is the wheel and cranks and the seat i think…
but the devil is still good too…

im just gonna put the street cranks on the devil, i dont think that will make it cost tat mush more…i hope

probably wouldnt make it cost that much more…

Get this.
I think the street cranks are about 40 bucks more. I think the street cranks are about $120 (don’t know where I got that so it might be wrong) and the trials cranks are $80 from renegade.