Orange Bud wheel and Koxx One street cranks. (or swap for 125 moments)

For sale

Orange Bud wheel: (near new condition, only ridden for around 6 weeks)
Koxx one reinforced street rim, Orange
Koxx one reinforced hub (Real ISIS version)
Black spokes and nipples
Red rim tape

This retails for 139€ on k-124house (including postage)
I want £85 for it which i think is fair as the condition is so good.
I’m bringing it to BUC so you can pick it up there, or i can post it, which i’d imagine will cost £5-£7

I can also throw in some Qu Ax 125mm ISIS cranks (also near new condition) if you want, for £7 extra.

Koxx One street cranks:
135mm ISIS
Now chrome as i stripped off the paint.
One crank is a bit scratched on one side due to grinds and grabs…

£40 or swap for a pair of 125mm KH moments.

Pics soon :slight_smile:

Not trying to threadjack Simon, you really do get bored of colours far to quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

well in an ideal world i’d keep it as my spare, but i need the money more at the moment…

I might consider parting it out if anyone’s interested :slight_smile: