Orange Bedford MUni

I had the good fortune to get a new Bedford/KH seat the other day so I thought I’d share a shot of my light duty MUni here with its new seat:

That’s so cool, a perfect match :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

mmm … very tasteful

thats hott

Very kewl.

dude that looks hot if i was a uni i would so hit on ur uni no doubt lol

Interesting wheel build.

Three leading, three trailing, same length as 3 cross.

Now that I look closer at it, that is a very strange wheel build. I wouldn’t expect it to work very well, just looking at it, but no doubt it’ll be plenty strong. How common is that sort of pattern?

Is that a KH Fusion saddle? Cause I just bought one and I didn’t see any orange. If I had known there was orange that woulda been my first choice! Grrrr.

its actually the bedford series kh thats why you didnt see it

That is so cool! And that orange!Excellent!
Actually, I just saw the “Gates” exhibition in Central Park–thousands of orange gates with orange curtains.
Your unicycle would look so cool charging through them!

i give it the name tangerine supreme

tangerine supreme?

what a rip off of harper’s tangerine dream!

It isn’t a Fusion but it is a KH. I just jumped the gun a bit and got this Bedford/KH before the actual order got in…once in a while I feel ‘connected’. :smiley: (thanks Kris)

thats why it seamed familiar sorry about that change that, it is no longer the tangerine’s the …um…


I like it

It seems like you got some dog poo on your tire…

Fexnix I think you should just go ride instead of noticing dog poo on someones tire. riding is just so much more fun