Oracle 36" Bearing spacers?

Hi can anyone confirm for me where the spacers are supposed to go. At the moment there are two spacers then bearings then cranks. But on the side with no disk brake i can pull the bearing off without using a puller plus the crank works loose very easily. So i am wondering if the spacers are in the right place or should they be one on either side of the bearing? They are two different widths as well ie one thin one approx twice as wide.
Many thanks in advance


The spacers should be placed between bearing and crank. Many different sizes are available at UDC. The spacer should be sized so that they are not too loose and so the crank will tighten up on the spline before contacting the spacer.

Check out this video on installing and sizing the ISIS spacer:

On most hubs there is a spacer on each side of each bearing. I think some of the steel ones just have a machined lip on the inner side, rather than a spacer though.

Stock for an oracle, I think the thinner one should be on the inside, then the thicker one (might be 7mm?) should be between the bearing and the crank.
Easy to tell when you’ve got it wrong though as the hub won’t fit into the frame spacing!