Oracle 29er alternative tyres

Hi, has anyone dabbled with alternative, narrower tyres for they 29er Oracle?

Could you tell us more about the type of riding you would like to achieve with this tire? Road, muni, mixed,…?

Hi Maxence, I’d say just light Muni/trails with occational tarmac.

You could have a look at Schwalbe gravel tires. They have some impressively light tires. I have personally ridden with a G-One Speed which is really great for tarmac. It doesn’t allow you to ride hard muni, but it should be OK for light muni - I did it once and it was OK-ish. You simply don’t want to go into the mud. The Schwalbe G-One Allround tire may also be a better choice, as knobs seem to be a bit bigger. Still no mud, though.
I also like the Maxxis Rekon tire. Its knobs are even bigger than Schwalbe’s Gravel tires, so it will work in any conditions. Not the best tire for tarmac, though, but still rolls pretty OK.
The last tire I’m currently testing is the Continental Cross King. It seems to be OK for medium muni and it rolls great on the road :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the advice. It was also to know what width sizing of tyre I can get away with based on the rim size of this Uni. I was hoping to step down to something like a 2.8 or 2.6

Also… enable me to climb hills easier on light trails

The Schwalbe Rocket Ron is also a good tire. It rolls extremely well. It doesn’t roll quite as well as the G-One, which is in a class of its own, but it is easier to steer and has more grip on dirt roads. I only know it as a 3.0 tire, I think the 2.8s ride similarly.


Your rim is a Nimbus Dominator2, right? 33mm inside. Based on Schwalbe compatibility chart, you should be able to go down to a tire of 55 mm (~2.15"). I wouldn’t recommand so, though.
IMHO, 2.35" would be fine. So, 2.6" and 2.8" will also perfectly work.

In fact, it really depends on what you want to ride. If you know you’ll do some jumps, go for a 2.6" or 2.8" tire. If you think you’ll prefer to ride fast and avoid obstacles, go for a narrower tire.


Brilliant table. Does it come from Schwalbe?

Yes: Tire Dimensions | Schwalbe Tires North America –
But there is plenty of similar tables. E.g. on WTB website: Tire & Rim Fit Chart – WTB

I’m keen to try to 2.6 or 2.8. How do you think these would perform going up hill?

I’ve done some massive uphills on a 3" tire, but they felt easier on a 2" tire. So, I’d say: the narrower, the better. A 2.8" tire won’t prevent you from going uphill, it will simply be a bit harder than if it were a 2.6" tire.
I mean, there’s no absolute answer. It’s always a compromise.

As per myself, I now prefer narrower tires because there are usually lighter and they let myself go a bit faster on medium hard terrain and uphill. On the other hand, I can understand people who love big tires as they make it easier to smooth out rocks and roots. It really depends on what you want to achieve.


I have a Continental Double Fighter III 2.0x29 on my Nimbus. It was just a leftover tire so figured it could not hurt to try. Only use that tire on the road. I have a maxis 2.8 that works better than the factory 3.25 for light Muni/XC. Thinking about getting something even smaller, possibly 2.4.

thanks for the response. what Maxxis 29x2.8 is it out of curiosity?

Maxxis Rekon 29x2.8 … Lowered uni just over half an inch.

Jusr adding my 2 cents. I have used a 2.25 xc tires on my 29 for off road and recently went down to a 45c lat season and a 32c this season.

They work surprisingly well off road but i find 2.4" to be the sweet spot where it’s lights and agile but you have enough tread for more sletchy terrain.


What 2.4 are you running?

Maxxis minionf dhf or dhr. I’ve run them in several different sizes and they make both a fancy and a cheap version of it and it comes in a bunch of different sizes. It’s one of my favorite all-rounders

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I would advise to use such tires for road riding. They are heavy and don’t ride well on tarmac.
However, they are really great for muni. I have been riding a Maxxis Minion DHR II for the last year and it was one of my best tires for downhill.

So at a high PSI I find something like them that has rounded tread works very well. For example I run it as a 2.4 on my 20-in unicycle and with 75 mm cranks I can average about 15 km an hour at about 40 to 50 psi. Some of the mountain bike tires that have more of a square tread profile I find will roll a bit more sluggish but are still decently fast on Road.

A great alternative as well is something like an XC Tire because they have a little bit of tread which will help in light conditions but roll extremely well on road as well