Oracle 26" or QUAX QX 26" disc

They seem to have more or less the same features. I’m thinking the most sensible thing is to order the cheapest one. However I do not think the price is that much different. Does anyone know of pros or cons for either of them?

Oracle 26"

QUAX QX 26" disc

The QX - 26disc is almost one kg lighter and has post mounts for the brake which makes it nice for wheel removal without removing the brake and places the brake and brake line closer to the frame and less exposed.

Under full discloser I own a QX-29disc so I may be biased, but I am very happy with mine. I also own a 26 with the Nimbus disc brake adapter and have hade no problems with it either, so you are pretty safe no matter which way you go.

Don’t believe the weights, these unis are essentially the same, so if there is a weight difference it’ll be in the tire, 3" Duro on the Oracle and 2.5" Kenda on the QuAx.

The QuAx has 48spokes, so heavier and an overkill, so some more weight and complxity, it has the post mount which is a little nicer for wheel removal but not a big deal; how often do you remove your wheel and when you do, don’t you also remove the bearing cap?

More than likely, if the tires were the same, the QuAx would be heavier due to the wheel build.

Quality is probably about the same.

Resale is probably better on the Oracle…

The Oracle brake is pretty solid, Bengal, may even be upgraded to Magura in future models. The QuAx uses a low end Shimano which has caused me some probelms with C Clip failure on the plunger.

If you like the rim color, the Nimbus is sporting a super strong Nimbus 2 rim, custom made for Nimbus, works great for tubeless. I don’t know the QuAx rim, probably in house designed or rebadged from another maker.

Frames are essentially the same.

Seats, well, I don’t like he Nimbus so I always upgrade to a KH, so that would be an extra expense if you do the same.

Cranks, those new QuAx cranks are sweet, Venture II’s are fine, not my favs, I run KH.

Both unis are ISIS.

Seat posts are both fixed, so the same.

Pedals are stock, buy aftermarket later on…

There is one thing I read that is odd:

“QX-series disc-hub, hollow-drilled alloy axle, M15 screws”

Are they saying that the spindle is aluminum?

Hey Mtnjefe, is your spindle steel or aluminum?

That would be lighter, but not stronger, they must be talking about the hub body or ??

I think alloy usually implies CroMo not Alu.

Thnx for all replies. I think mtnjeffe got it right, both are great unis. (And a nice upgrade from my 24" quax luxus)

Nicely said Ben; the only point I would not agree on is that the quality is about the same.

… and yes, I may be biased. But I have actually looked at both in great detail.

I had a quax frame and the quality want not the same as my nimbus. it lasted a few months before breaking

I was trying to be “fair”, but you know which one I favor :slight_smile:

So what’s the difference?

It doesn’t mention if the cranks are “Isis”, but I’m assuming they are.

Well Nimbus is the “in-house” brand and Roger is quite rightfully proud of his products.