oracle 24"

I have bought a 26" and I’m selling my muni oracle 24" with brand new original tire (Duro Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3" Tire) and one used road tire it is not new but in perfect shape.

I forgot the price $450 plus shipping.

I’m out of town for all the month, if you are in Montreal area, i can arrange the delivery but if you need shipping, I won’t be able until August.

The 24 Muni is an excellent size wheel. In my case I bought the 26 Muni first and used it as my main Uni for quite a while. Later on I bought the 24 to improve my skills (downhill, hops, small drops, tricks etc…). I am glad I did, my skills have improved a lot because of it. I still use both wheels sizes equally (24 and 26). The 24 gives me that extra bit of control to tackle the ‘difficult stuff’ at my skills level.

Good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

Oracle muni 24" new photos

I’m back in town. I have photos of the current state. Just a few small scratches and pedal side.
More high res photo on request