[or Trade] OT 6 set's of great juggling balls!

Hey guys,
Finally doing some spring cleaning! (I try not to think of it as being late, but rather, getting a jump on next year) So I’ve got 6 set’s of balls up for sale or trade. Click the pics for a larger view

  • A set of five green 67mm Sil-X Balls $35
    These are in flawless condition, never been juggled over anything harder than a wood floor.

  • A set of five orange 67mm Sil-X balls $35
    Just as high a quality, these are a bit older, but still in fantastic condition. A few scuffs and could probably use a wash, but otherwise flawless. I got these in my naive years and decided to put a dab of super glue on each plug for extra security. So each plug has a bit of dried glue on it. Doesn’t affect the prop at all.

  • A set of five LED MeteorLight balls. $20
    These are great LED balls, look great in the dark, but bounce too much for me. All 5 are the 7-color alternating variety. Of the 5 for sale only 4 of them light up, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the fifth, could be as simple as a dead battery. Either way you’re still getting all 5 and four that work great for less than the price of 2 new ones.

These next 3 sets are all from www.flyingclipper.com and make excellent use of their hybrid technology. You can read more about the hybrid technology here; http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/cpage_129/what_is_a_hybrid.html
These props are true to their standards and excellent to use. Being that they’re machine washable makes it even better. Also, the filler inside cannot break down any so they will always and forever have the same feel to them that they have the first day you use them.

  • A set of five 67mm 130gram red ultra leather 12 panel Hybrids. $35
    Great balls, very very well made and durable. These have a little give to them, but not much and don’t roll much at all when dropped.

  • A set of seven 62mm 120gram TX ultra leather 12 panel Hybrids. $40
    Another great set of balls in great condition. These have a star type pattern on them and are different colors. Two are black, two are blue, one is green, one is red, and one is purple. The different colors helped me a lot when I was first learning siteswaps in understanding what prop was supposed to do what in the pattern. Great for a new juggler or seasoned juggler that likes mixing colors. Not much give to these balls, they’re fairly solid.

  • Last up is a set of seven 60mm 120gram “Glow-Star” ultra suede hybrids. $40
    You guessed it, these too are in fantastic shape. They have a star on each of the 12 panels and the stars glow in the dark. Very brightly IMO. These would be perfect for a kid, or someone with small hands, as they are fairly tiny. I don’t have a picture of them glowing in the dark as I don’t have a high enough quality camera, but I promise, they glow very well. These too are pretty solid.

You pay shipping on whatever you buy. I’m willing to ship outside of the US, but customs charges and any other random fees that may occur when they arrive are up to you!

Open to offers of all kinds, but the prices above are reasonably solid. I’d like to make a fair amount of money for these. The props are all in great shape and as close to new as you can get. I’m open to trades as well, not really in the market for anything, but willing to at least take a look at all offers. Cubes, juggling props, unicycle stuff, and just about anything else you can think of are all fair game.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope that you decide you like something from above enough to buy.


I’m interested in the LED MeteorLight balls. Do you think you could keep them on holf for me until I get Christmas money from my Aunt and Uncle?

Yea sure. I’ll hold them for you until a few days after the new year.

Thanks man! Talk 2 u later!

12 panel Hybrids

Hi Max,

Interested in the seven 62mm 120gram TX ultra leather 12 panel Hybrids
Please let me know how we can setup payment and shipping


PM sent.