Or Trade: Nimbus Trials, Bedford BC wheel, Torker DX 24"

Ok. So I want a distance uni so I’m selling what I don’t use. Will get pics up later.

Nimbus 20" Trials:
-Basically stock except pedals which are Odyssey TrailMix

Torker DX 24":
-05 version, grey and black
-Odyssey Twisted Plastics, black.

Bedford 20" BC:
-standard version, double wall rim, lowered long plates
-Blue grip tape, orange Kenda Kontact tire

Will also trade for distance uni.

No set price, make an offer.


I forgot that KH cranks don’t come standard on the Nimbus. Cranks on Nimbus are KH 137s.


Can you put up pics of the nimbus and an idea of what you are looking for(price)?

Pics will actually take a while as I’m going back to school tomorrow (it’s residential) where I’ll be away from both the unis and a camera.

For price, new they are 320+shipping, so how about around 200+shipping?


I want to wait for pics, and I get my “paycheck” in 3.5 weeks. My parens might be able to loan me some of the money if I need to pay you earier than that. Is it in decent condition? Also, where are you located?
Edit: Is Cary, North Cackalack in the U.S.?

What color does the Nimbus happen to be?

Im so dumb. I asked if it was in the U.S. when the title saysFor Sale: U.S.A.

Yea, I’m in the US. North Cackalack is just a colloquial term for North Carolina. Nimbus is chrome. It’s in pretty good condition, I was never a real extreme rider and thus have not put it under a lot of abuse.


dibs on the nimbus unless I see pics and I dont like it… Pm sent

I might be interested in the Torker depending on price and seeing a picture. Thanks.

So I decided I’m going to hang on to the nimbus. Pics of the BC wheel and Torker will be up this weekend sometime.

Cool, if you can think of a price at the same time if you don’t mind.


How does the DX 24" work for MUni?

How much for the Torker, is it still for sale?

Okay, pics on request, taking too long to upload/firefox is crashing when it tries.

Torker 150
BC Wheel 100
Nimbus (changed my mind) 250

You pay shipping, would prefer payment by cashier’s check.

pm sent


could you post pics of the nimbus?

Pm sent. Also I still have dibs.

$100 USD, you pay shipping.

$150 USD, you pay shipping.

$250 USD, you pay shipping.